Electra G 1340 Carb or EFI??

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by nico2B, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. nico2B

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    Hi there,

    My first post was about choosing a 1480cc over a 1340cc low mileage... Having chosen the later for $$$ reasons, I am now hesitating between the injection or the carb EVO engine in my future EG??
    Thanks for your advice; please keep in mind that I live far from a HD dealer (in Corsica= island south of France which means taking an overnignt ferry for the closest official HD dealer:() and therefore am a bit worried about getting the EFI controled and fixed if it were to breakdown (but does it ever:s?).

    Take in all the miles yo can on your bikes and drive safe:D:D
  2. glider

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    If you are referring to FI on an evo engine, you will indeed have a rare one there. They didn't have FI in the evo years.
  3. Bodeen

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    Glider is spot on as usual. Given your parameters, I would chose a carb bike over the early fuel injection models every time. Sounds like you are looking at older bikes. Some of the first FI models had FI issues. I like my carb but thats just me.

  4. nico2B

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    Hello Glider,

    I'm sorry, don't mean to offend and I may have gotten your answer wrong but I seem to recall that the Electronic FuelInjection was first optional as the 1995 EG models got out .
    And I have seen some pre TC EG equipped with FI for sale out there...
    Thanks for your answer though :)
  5. wannaride

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    My brother has a 95 EG with FI. M&M same as my 99. Not that bad of a system, just touchy at times. Carbs are simpler. Good luck

  6. The carb system is simpe to modify and inexpensive. Sure the injection can give you better overall performance with the best possable milage, but FI systems are not as reliable as the carb. Crank position sensors fail, throttle position sensors fail, and as you upgrade to a better exhaust or cam, FI requires new mapping or a tuner. both can be very costly. A carb can be re jetted. or a stage 1 kit installed for a fraction of the cost. if you ride at a varied range of altitudes, up and down a mountain every day, FI can be the way to go. If not, carbs are an inexpensive to set up, but more $$ at the pump.
  7. Chopper

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    Myself, I would stay away from fuel injection on any pre 2002 touring bikes, carb is better in my book then the early system, so many people converting to carb on the earlier bikes says it all for me. First fuel injection on production harleys was 1995 if I remember right and they were way behind the auto industry.
  8. Breeze3at

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    Considering that you are 1) In Corsica and 2) FAR from a dealer, I suggest you stay away from the Magneti Marelli fuel injection. They were just ok, and would pose a problem to you because of points 1&2 above.
  9. 01 rk

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    I would go with the carb as previous post stated. I have an 01 rk, prior to installing a power commander it knocked no matter what brand gas I used, it also ran extremely hot.
    The gas milage was eradic, mostly poor, could never tell how far a tank would take us!
  10. nico2B

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    Hello There EG owners,

    Thanks for your time and answers.
    It helps to read your posts and those confirm my feeling that simpler is more reliable.
    I'm threfore searching for an EG pre TwinCam and EFI free !:)
    Keep safe