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    put new baffles in standard big bore, 203 cams and am tuning with a powercommander and adjusting a previous map for a less restrictive baffle . i specifically want to know if the front plug should be tuned to show a color change on the porcelain or do i use other criteria? my concern is not to have the hotter rear cylinder too lean. the bike does not buck or surge at part throttle steady cruise,shows no sign off excessive heat or any bluing,has strong acceleration,gets 40 mpg average 2 up riding at 55 to 60mpg. the front ground strap shows heating to the start of the radius in the strap,the rear ground strap shows heating around the radius almost to the base ring.do i tune to eliminate the color on the front while maintaining the characteristics as it runs listed above. or leave the tune as it is now with some signs of a rich mixture showing on the porcelain.? what would the plugs look like in a perfectly stock efi harley?and is that the color i'm tuning for here front and rear cylinder?