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    Hey Preston,

    Went riding over to Ocean Springs yesterday, me, Stacee, and another couple, for lunch, and she wanted me to say that she got a tip from you on running the wires from her iphone under her shirt so they stay in place. SHe saw you doing the same down in Salt Springs.. she was a happy camper just singing along. Thanks Bud!:D
  2. PA 58

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    it stops some of the road noise with something besides just ear plugs
  3. gator508

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    I may have to get a set myself!
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    On my Heritage, I actually went to radio shack and purchased a USB cable, 6' plug extension and splitter to fit my phone. Then I purchased a handle bar mount and ran the cables under the gas tank to the seat. Once I ran the cables I used small cable ties to neatly hold the wires to the handle bars, being sure to leave a little slack at the steering head movement of the handle bars. We also run the headset wires either under or shirts or leathers depending in weather. Plug them in between us at the seat where the splitter barely sticks out. This minimized wires flapping around in the wind.

    I just haven't found a headset that works well at highway speeds with a half helmet. What headset is Stacee using and how good is it at highway speeds?
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    Check your state's laws regarding this before spending too much money. I picked up a "law for bikers" handbook from a local lawyer at a recent bike event. While thumbing through it, I was very surprised to learn that it's illegal in Georgia for the motorcycle operator to wear any in-ear device for the purpose of listening to music or talking on a phone. I'd have to go back and check to see if helmet speakers/boom mikes are OK but that's the setup all bike cops use so it must be fine.
  6. Breeze3at

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    In GA, helmet speakers are allowed for communication purposes only.
    I don't know about ear buds, but assume it's implied no, with the above statement.
  7. Bodeen

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    Its against the law in Florida too. But so is speeding and not using your turn signals etc......:s
  8. gator508

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    She has the set that came with her iphone, they are not state of the art acoustically, but she is happy with them. She says it drowns out the road noise and you should here her "sing along":D
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    Hehe...so true. With that in mind, for you folks with Classics or Ultra Classics that have the connector for the Harley headsets (which undoubtedly did not get thrown in if you purchased the bike second hand), there is an adapter (often available on EBay) that you can get that converts the 7-pin Harley Headset connector to a standard stereo jack for earbuds. It does NOT allow use of the microphone on a set of earbuds with an attached microphone such as is provided with iPhones or other cell phones. But...you can listen to the radio, CB, CD or weather radio, and with a double male plug, can plug a MP3 player, cell phone or GPS into the aux port and hear it as well. Much better sound quality than the Harley headset speakers, however, being earbuds, they may or may not be legal or the legality may be more aggressively enforced in your state. There is also an adapter with 2 plug-ins for a computer gaming type headset with 2 mini plugs which does allow use of a microphone.

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    Here is another adapter found on Ebay. Have two for the Ultra. $25 each. Work Great!

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