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    Hi, just put a set of Harley forward controls on my branny new Superglide-(200 miles)Job went smooth untill test ride.In 1st with clutch lever in I can hardly roll the bike.The clutch is adjusted per specs at the adj. nut/bolt and at the cable adjuster.Free play at ferrule is 1/8".The clutch friction plates are lubed and moving in and out correctly.The primary chain tension is correct. I have varied the adjustment in increments up and down at the clutch adjusting bolt and the cable adjuster and like I said it's correct but nothing helps.The bike shifts normal and the clutch lever grab is fine.When I start the bike in 1st with the clutch lever pulled in, the bike lurches forward slightly, but does not move when sitting at idle in 1st with the lever in.When rolling the clutch and shifting are normal, but the clutch is definatly dragging. I don't know if something is off where the ball and ramp assembly is at the clutch cable entry point to the service cover.I followed the service manual to the letter and I'm stuck.Thanks,Dave Ed
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    As wrenchin said there is drag at the clutch from the oil and to clear that drag the clutch needs to be spinning to throw the oil clear
    When the bike is cold the oil will cling to the clutch plates more than when hot once the engine is started hold the clutch leaver in a wee while prior to selecting first to allow the oil to be thrown clear 5 sec should be enough
    Always use the correct grade of oil in the primary if the oil is too thick then you may get more clutch drag

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    When starting especially cold and in gear with clutch lever pulled in it is normal for bike to move forward while 1st cranking. On cold starts its always best to start in neutral to reduce starter load.
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    Thanks to all,Is my face red! I've been riding bikes that I built for the last 35 years and this is my first new Harley.My bikes for the last 20+ years have been BDL open belt drive.Dry clutch, so I'm used to rolling the bike easy in gear with the clutch in.I put my new Dyna together after having the whole primary off to change out the shifter arm and the thing would'nt roll! Cold chaincase oil-Duh.Thanks again.Dave Ed
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    Glad to hear you are back in the breeze again.
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    I like cheap fixes. Red faces are free and we've all paid with them before.