Drilling out the cats

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by 67wizard, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. 67wizard

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    What do you think about drilling out the cats while the header is still on the bike? clean it all out then start the bike and blow out the dust?
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    Hopefully a Mod will move thread to the correct area for you 67wizard for better exposure....
    Why not dry to find a 2009 cat less head pipe and install it. There are a few threads in the self help about remove head pipe and cutting cat out of pipe.
    Your question is going to more difficult to completely remove cat and may create a negative situation...
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    Don't know how it got here.
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    I was wondering about drilling them out or just buy one with the cats cut out, or different header. Not to worried about making lots more hp .
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    Originally thread was posted under sale or trade part of forum.
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    Cat is about 6 inches long and 4 inches wide.You will be drilling for some time.
    You will read that the cat may not be as restrictive as You think.Best way is to go to ebay and buy a decatted header and install.That way You can re-install the original if You want less noise or You find that the legality of what You have done is questioned.
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    Slip of the fingers most likely. I moved it so hopefully you'll get lots of advice!
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    Previous advice to purchase a catless head pipe (2009) is good advice. Drilling the cat, particularly on the bike could lead to serious issues down the road. There will be micro dust that remains and exhaust reversion could pull that dust into your cylinders resulting in premature wear.:small3d002:

    '09 cat less head pipes can be found pretty cheap on Ebay but the bung locations for the '09 head pipe are near the exhaust outlet and the later model O2 sensor connections will may not reach. The '09 bungs can be plugged and new bungs located near the same location as the later bungs for a bolt on exchange and proper fitment.

    JMHO but it would be wiser to spring for an aftermarket head pipe like Fuel Moto X-pipe, V&H Power Dual or Fullsax X-pipe and keep the OEM head pipe for inspection puprposes or resale.:coffee:

    If you do want to remove the cat send the head pipe to one of the outfits that will open the chamber, remove the cat and close the chamber; none come to mind at the moment but I know there are companies that offer that service.
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    Thanks for moving this to the right place. I have an extra headpipe now. I was just wondering if it could be drilled out without taking it off. My fingers don't work like they use to. Getting hard to use wrenches. May just leave stock pipe on and change air filter as I have reinhart slipons and V&H FP3.
    Thanks for the advice.
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