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    Hey, Keith from TN here, 58yrs and have been mostly on BMW's and various jap bikes since I was 10. Currently have a FJR that's been a super bike (70k miles). I've been shopping and keep coming back to the Road King, specially the 2014 Rushmore. I like the suspension and other changes but willing to modify a little older bike to get what I want.

    So, I'm looking at my next purchase, maybe my last bike and I keep telling myself I should get something completely different even though the new 2016FJR has some pretty awesome upgrades too. I also don't need to add another bike to the stable so I don't want to keep the FJR.
    So here's my concerns. I've test road a 2012 and a couple 2014's and really like the seating position and the tall gearing among other things. This bike will replace my FJR which I've worn the peg feelers down pretty good. I do plan (need) and have slowed down some but test riding these HD's I've touched down too easily.
    Now mind you, I doubt very seriously the HD will handle as well as my FJR but I'm hoping to get close within reason if possible. Call me crazy.

    Anyway I've read a few threads in the Chassis/suspension forum and understand that there is some suspension upgrades available. What I like to hear is from those who have set up their suspensions on their RK's or similar to make it more....sporty.....and did this without losing too much of that nice low seating position. Maybe there are some threads on here that I haven't found yet?

    Yeah I know, most HD's guy that I know and see want to slam and customize and that's OK, I'm into touring and hot-footing around the mountains.

    If anyone has heard of YellowWolf and his Goldwing on YouTube, that is kinda what I'm after in a RK. Tell me I ain't dreaming.

    Excuse me for rambling on. I hope to learn and enjoy the conversations here.
    Thanks, ride safe.
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    Welcome from Pittsburgh Pa.;)
    I tried to chase a ZX-14 Concours last weekend and by the time I was at 80 he disappeared. If I could do it over again I would like to get another sport bike as a second bike. So if I were you, keep a sport bike just incase you want to flyyyyyyyyyy.......:oops: You can not go wrong with a King hence the name.....
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    Drag the floorboard and pegs, you will have to if you want to "hot foot". I ride with a guy that rides a '05 Deuce and he has had to weld a patch on his the underside of his outer primary. Very few sport bikes can keep up with him; very few and they have to have major cajones to stay close. Quite a differerent world though on an 800 pound motorcycle compared to a much lighter bike; you can lean it over but you have to stand it back up again. Not sure of the model year changes but the later Harleys link front and rear brakes and some models have linked ABS brakes. So, if your Yammy doesn't have that feature, something you might want to get used to before you start "hot footing" your new Harley.;)
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    I ride my HDs hard. Been racing motorcycles for a long time. My non HDs are Italian and German; Ducati, Aprilia, and BMW. I have had all my Harley out on track days. A track day will give you the feedback you need on your HDs limits. While I run them hard, there is no way to them to keep up with a sportbike with a rider that knows what he's doing.

    You can stiffen up the suspension, but the chassis is not made for carving the twisties. The steering geometry is not made for quick response to inputs. The touring models all have the trees behind the neck. This makes for great handling at low speeds, but does nothing for handling at speed while trying to flog it in the corners. Hanging off a Road King in a corner is a challenge, but it does help. I get some weird looks from other riders when I do it. The floorboards and seating position are not real conducive for this and it limits your ability to transfer your weight from side to side. Early weight transition helps in S turns. The rear end always feels vague, not planted. Trailing braking can be a challenge with ABS system. I run my front and rear suspension pressures at the max, have a torque arm installed.

    I fully admit my inner hooligan gets loose, at times, while street riding, I tend to save that for the track. It's very easy to drag hard parts on a Harley. No need for knee pucks when riding a Road King. I do get some disgusting looks from the no helmet, bandana and T-shirt wearing Harley crowd. The reason why... I'm wearing my sportbike gear. That's what I wear all the time when I ride, on any of my bikes. Anyone that has run on a track, or had a get off, even just a low-side slide, understands why.
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    Welcome to the forum Keith. There are lots of mods that can be done to a R.K. to improve the handling and performance. But you still end up with a 800+ lb. bike with little clearance and sluggish performance in the twisties. If you've worn the FJR's peg feelers, I don't think you will really be happy with a R.K. for long. Especially if your riding group still have sport bikes.
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    When the lean angle is approx. 30 degrees and 800 pounds as the other have said your cornering is only going to be so good. Not to say that you could not corner better than the average bear on a cruiser. So keep the Yama for those special cornering high H.P. days and just putt on the King.:rolleyes:
    Here a good read:
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    Thanks for the responses.
    I ride solo and alone and realize my hooilgan antics will be tamed by getting a RK if i decide to do so. That's OK too and from what im reading i feel like a Traxxion suspension upgrade may satisfy me.
    SledDog; how is your suspension setup?

    Something I'm noticing is the pricing of 2014 models. They are usually $1k to $2k above NADA of KBB.
    After some thinking, the 2014's have the larger dia forks, if I upgraded the suspension I could look at the 09's and up (09's started the new frames I think) then I would give up the bags and hotter cams on the 014's. Cams would be an easy fix and just live with the bags.
    Does that make sense? Save a few bucks and build to suit.
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    The 09 if correct will be available with out Abs. And should be able to be found considerable less expensive if staying away from dealers. I like your idea.......... Build it your way.;)
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    Everyone who rides a Harley bagger and likes to push the envelope a little has dragged hard parts. It really doesn't matter what type suspension upgrades you make. There are many aftermarket suspension parts and depending on your weight and load some will help with the handling but the lean angle is what it is. If you really like to carve the corners and want a Harley that has some real pep right out of the box you might try a test ride on one of the V-Rod models. Some of them have a little better lean angle than the baggers and aftermarket bags and fairing are available. Welcome to the forum from Suwannee, Fl.
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    Sorry, that VRod is about the ugliest motorcycle built.
    But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.