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    Hi new to the site,just a few questions about an 04 ultra,stage1. when I bought it the stage 1 and true duals with S.E. air cleaner were already installed. The bike had 17000mi on it.I've since that point went with a 2 into1 Rineheart,.question is since a stage one download is in the ecm,will I need a new one because of the 2into1,.also added a power x-wing at the same time as exhaust,.local dealer claims downloads are no longer availiable,.also told me to just monitor plugs and if it runs well it should be ok.,..plugs look very light tan,.[S.E.plugs] bike runs great,.much better than before,.any thoughts?
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    The downloads from the dealers are just for the SE parts. When you change to a more efficient system the downloads become leaner than they are with the SE parts installed.

    Tan plugs would be ideal but with the removal of the lead in the fuels it is no longer an indication of the proper mixture but rather an indication of the fuel additives in the fuel leaving a deposit on the plug.

    If in doubt you can install a TFI and set your own mixture.