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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by lightning, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. lightning

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    Can anyone give me the straight scoop regarding the Dealer ECU Download?
    The Dealership where I bought my 09 S/G tells me the modified download is no longer effective with 09 models when changing exhaust and high flow air filters. They told me it was only for 08 models and prior year engines with fuel injection.
    Another local Harley Dealership says just stop by and we'll do the download while you wait. That this is all you need for a Standard Stage One. They contend that the Dealers are pushing products and dyno time which is unnecessary.
    So who's giving me the real facts? Can the Factory Download still do its intended job on our 09 models?
  2. glider

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    Lots of truth in that statement but not for all dealers.

    As far as your 09, it has what is called adaptive fuel which in essence refers to the ECM's ability to richen the fuel map via the 02 sensors.

    Does it work??

    That's another story in itself. Yes is the answer but only to the EPA's guideline of a lean mixtures. Best to get the TFI and do the enrichment yourself needed to get it to run better IMO. If you really want to spend some $$$ and trust your dealer as well as the tuner himself, get the new super tuner and a dyno tune to the tune of $1000 if you have money to burn. Sure the engine will run better but not $1000 better by any means.:s JMHO
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    I was talking to the head tech. at our local dealer yesterday and while he tried to get me to purchase the S.E. race tuner instead of instaaling a T.F.I.(just doing his job there) He did tell me quite honestly I think that he believes the dealer downloads are a waste of money.
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    I just put a SE heavy breather and a set of Reinhart slipons
    on my 09 SG . The bike is brand new and hasn't been out of the dealer yet
    except for a very short test ride before the extras and after I signed the papers.
    The service people said even after they did the stage 1 that I could have problems. Of course they recommended the HD race tuner but I told them can't afford it with price and dyo. So I'll just have to wait till the snow goes away and take it for a real ride and see how she runs. Been thinking of TFI
    or Power commander if there's any problems