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    Not sure if this has been posted or not so forgive me in advance if it has. Does your dealer install parts not bought from that dealership? About 12 years ago I had my scoot in for sadlebag/brackets install and a few other things done. They did everything but they only had one sadlebag bracket. So I called around to a few other local dealers and tracked a bracket down. I asked the dealer who had my bike if I bought the bracket somewhere else would you install it. "Well we really don't like to do that but..." So they did and everyone was happy. So yesterday I took my bike out for some maintance and an install on a Harly part that I bought somewhere else. The shop manager said "yep. Sure we can do that". Now keep in mind that about 12 years ago Harley was going strong. They could afford to pick and choose what they wanted to do even if it wasn't good business parctice. But I think now days they are begging to get business. So has anyone else had a problem about buying a part from someplace else and getting another dealer to put it on?
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    only tires the local dealer wants to sell u his. i can see his point but in general his service dept never has been to good. i try to do all my self. having a new bike [ any warrenty work ] im going to hope for the best :bigsmiley20:
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    After reading a lot of the post on good and bad dealers I still feel that I have a great dealer. HD of Gainesville, Fl. has always been very obliging when it comes to installing parts that were not purchased at their dealership. Even during the days of waiting to be put on the waiting list. Their idea of service is that if you want it put on the bike and they don't think it will be unsafe it's a done deal. That being said I still purchase parts from them as their prices are reasonable and I understand that if I want to keep a good dealer I have to support them.
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    It depends on the dealer and how "customer oriented" they are. Also work load may change their reply too.
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    I am within 25 miles (in diff direction of course ) of 3 dealers and they never have a problem doing that . Docs HD Kirkwood Mo. Gateway HD Lemay Mo. and Surdyke in Festus Mo. I've had Good Luck with all the dealers btw

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    With tires they only will install matched manufacturer and OEM tires size that are matched to OEM rims. If you buy parts not from them, it is a case by case basis...dependent on warranty and criticality of the part(s) and labor (insurance liability being what it is).
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    Most dealers are hungry now with sluggish sales its up to the service dept. to balance the dealership:s