Do pre-1994 mufflers fit to 2008 FLHT?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by jamolo, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. jamolo

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    I have a cheap set of 1993 FLHT mufflers available. I thought to try them (just for interest) how they would sound in my 2008 FLHT and maybe do some modifications to them.The part numbers are 65538-85, 65539-85.

    They are the older "flange" type of mufflers (flange in the inlet of the mufflers), is it possible to fit them into my bike? Any other comments about the suitability of the mufflers?

  2. Mavagrand

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    I'm no mechanic but will take a shot based on what I've learned from this forum. I don't think they would work. They might fit, but I'd be afraid of damage they may do to the engine. The newer engines have backpressure and exhaust scavanging issues that the older motors didn't. Like I said, I'm no expert so don't do anything based on my advise. Wait a while and I'm sure someone with much more know how will respond. (Hoople, Bodeen, CAPITALJack to name a few).

    By the way, welcome to the Forum. Stick around and you will definately learn.
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    Bingo Mavagrand....:s You may pick a prize from the wall.....:bigsmiley12:
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    A quick look on Ebay shows touring mufflers fitment as '95 up. The difference is probably just the location of the mounting bolts under the saddlebags, but could be significant.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to The Forum, Nope, those flange mufflers will not work on a newer model, The new style mufflers are slip fit, not flange type
  6. Mavagrand

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    Thank you, thank you. (the crowd goes wild!!!!!)...
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    On the old flange type exhaust the mufflers went inside the header pipe, while the newer type is reversed - the header pipe goes inside (the slotted end of) the muffler pipe. I think the newer style headers are uniform ID and the older mufflers are smaller ID, hence it may fit inside your headers. To fix them properly, you would probably have to cut two slots at the ends of your headers to be able to clamp the mufflers. If you don't cut too far in, you should still be able to fit a newer type muffler sometime (still, not a straight fit). Or, you could try some exhaust putty to avoid cutting.

    ANY muffler change on ANY engine will require a re-evaluation of the A/F mix -where the danger is a too lean condition.
    If you need A/F tuning, on a newer engine it is done thru' electronic tweaking, while on an older one thru' carb tuning - that's it.
    If you're currently running stock mufflers and airfilter, you should change the airfilter as well, and retune for fatter mix. Combined with these (or similar newer type) mufflers, this should net you some HP.

    I think those mufflers you are quoting are the same as I used to have on: They are fitted with a fixed, open steel baffle, and give a healthy bark at full throttle, but stays relatively quiet at low rpm's. If I still had them I would throw out my S-E mufflers in an instant...
    Let us know what you decide.
  8. tyre

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    On the cheap I had a set of the older style cut off the flange went to the auto parts store bought the correct size pipe that slips over the header pipe weld it to muffler cut 2slices in that area, it is doable. Practile maby no . I was just tinkering & had the old mufflers.