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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by JKT1969, Aug 30, 2009.

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    I just paid $341 for my 5k service (tax, labor, parts, etc) and I have to say it really bothered me to pay what I did....but I had no choice because I don't know how to do the servicing myself. I'm not a big wrench guy, but I like to change my own oil, and do as much as I can on my autos.

    So, here is my question. I live in B'ham, AL, off Hwy 280...I have some time before my next service is scheduled, but, would someone be willing to show me how to do the service on my bike? If I bought all the stuff, and of course the beer:newsmile025: and a some $ for the trouble I would really like to someone to show me how to do the servicing myself. I know I could buy the book, but, I do better with someone showing me.

    If not, that's cool too...had to ask.
  2. Bud White

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    If you search on in the selfhelp section almost everything you should need to do will be in there with videos

    Self Help Information and Tips - Harley Davidson Community

    i know clutch adjustment is in there

    im sure oil change is to

    But ya should buy the manual anyways it is very valuable
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    Too easy, First Sergent.
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    Tempting offer but like you, servicing the harley was new to me. Its not that difficult.

    Get the Hd Manual, as your going to need torque specs and fluid levels and just take your time.
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    Get the manual...eaiser than wrenching on a car. And like Top said always plenty of help on here.
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    Get the Manual and save the Beer till after your done.
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    very simmple you will need
    5/8 socket for transmission oil primary drain plugs if 07 or 08 not sure about 09
    and a 27 torx for primary derby cover
    you will need four quarts of oil and 2 quarts of formula for primary and trans each take one
    you will need a oil filter wrench and a socket extension for the filter
    turn left to loosen let drain refill. but oil filter hand tight
    change oil every 5000 primaey every 10000 tranny every 20000
    i dont worry about other things unless i notice a problem
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    I change the primary every time the motor oil is changed (3000 miles). Simply because as the clutch plates wear there is a lot of contaimanation of the primary oil. It always looks really dirty. And oil is cheap parts are not. Besides that you should be adjusting that clucth every time you service your bike, so your opening the primary derby cover anyway.
  9. Fourdogs

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    all great tips..and trust me since joining this site i have done things i never dreamed i could do. I use the manual...this site and if you really want some hands on and very very easy to understand videos think about purchasing two cds...they are called "Fix your Hog"..."Touring Edition"(a guide to maintenance ),and "Tour Bolt-on performance edition".... Huze
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    I didn't wrench my own bike for the first couple years... then I decided that I was paying too much (and I work on my own cars/trucks.).

    with the forum's help, and MANY people here (don't want to name them because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by leaving them off the list because my memory is shot!), I have done things I never thought possible... including diagnostics and (to me) major repairs).

    I agree.... HD manual is #1. DON'T get a chiltons, or any of the off brands. If you are REALLY going to do all your own work, there are additional manuals to get (diagnostics, etc.).

    Also, I find the best thing to do is:
    1. TAKE your time
    2. Write down everything you do, as you do it!
    3. get your digital camera and take pictures!!!! Before you start taking things apart, it shows how things were. AS you are taking things apart, it shows what you did.... AFTER you get it all back together and before running, you can compare and make sure everything is back the way it is supposed to be!
    4. ASK questions here.... many people are willing to help... but be forewarned.... not all the advice is good (or even right!). Double check EVERYTHING. and be patient while waiting for responses.
    5. and save the beer for last!

    Some repairs I have made have taken 4 or 5 days (only an hour or 2 per day).... and might have been cheaper TIME-WISE to have a STEALERSHIP do....

    But then again, the satisfaction of doing it (and being able to do it in the future for 1/10 the price) is awesome...

    Good Luck, have fun, and take NO shortcuts! like the carpenter says.... measure twice, cut once!!!