Do i need a TFI

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by sprinklerfitter669, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. sprinklerfitter669

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    Looking for some advice.
    2004 Fatboy EFI, Stage 1 and 2, and V+H longshots. added by the original owner

    My question is, when i have the baffles out, i get some hiccuping, and sputtering, when driving in town or going down hill and when i start to accelerate again.
    I know the stage one is definetly done,and i was told stage 2, and not sure if it was ever mapped
    I really like the way it sounds without the baffles, i tried it with them in and had no problems.
    When i was explaing this to a freind, he told me i needed a fuel pack, or TFI, or power commander, to stop the sputtering.
    Any suggestions, also is it something i can do myself, and cost?
  2. glyd-n

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    I don't think the TFI would work very good with the stage two. I would suggest the power commander or the SEST. That way if you continue to mod it, you won't have to replace it.
  3. Iceman24

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    Definitely gonna have some pop fooey goi'n on w/o the baffles - need some backpressure to keep things in order. Tuner can help adjust, but I wouldn't really run my scoot w/no baffles = power loss. What are you trying to you want the loudness? If so, might want to look at Big City Thunder baffles.
  4. sprinklerfitter669

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    Your right Iceman, I want the loudness, and i just like the tone produced without the baffles.
    That is why i was wondering about running without baffles, and having some kind of device to adjust the fuel
  5. glider

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    There is another model available from Dobeck that is made for the higher output engines.
  6. R.Bingham

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    If you just want it louder I would second the Big City Thunder baffles. Also without the baffles you are losing power and torque. It really does need the back pressure to run properly. However I couldn't imagine someone wanting pipes that are louder than the big shots. They are already loud. Try riding behind some and see just how loud they are. You are asking for a loud pipes ticket if you want to run without the baffles. JMO