Dixie Thunder Run 2011 ( It was a blast )

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    Me and 2 others Rode 150 miles to join up to the DTR group, Its all about helping the fallen and the wounded soilders, it was the largest group ride i'd ever been on, it streched stagard side by side for little over 3.5 miles long, police escort from start to finish, which was at Chunky River Harley shop.
    looked like 800-1000 bikes converged there at the shop this past saturday.
    it any of you have feelings of riding in a large group, dont be afraid, it was a blast to meet so many folks with the same bikes and thoughts,
    Please check the website out, its a great cause!!!!Welcome To DixieThunderRun.net "SOLDIERS HELPING SOLDIERS"
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    It's great you could make time to support our troops..thanks!