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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by billnapabill, Aug 7, 2009.

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    I have been to Sturgis twice, 02 & 05, Milwakee for the Harley 100th and do a lot of west coast touring. Rode there an back, no trailer. I'm a card carrying member of the Iron Butt Association, completed the Saddle Sore 1000on the first trip to Sturgis.
    I'd kinda like to know what the distance riders out there are doing to beat the heat. I have tried everything, from pouring water from my squirt bottel on me to useing a "misty mate". I just ordered one of those "Evaporative Cool Vest", does anyone use one of those? Do they work? What else can ya do?
    I love puttn 3-4 hundred miles on a day but, when it's hot, I just get worn out anymore, there just ain't no shade on the back o' that monster.
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    I've used a cool vest for a few years and can speak from experience...they work!! It's not the same as an air conditioned car but, if you wanted that you wouldn't ride...right? With the one I have, all you do is soak it in water for a few minutes then put it on. It works best if you have a mesh jacket on over top of the vest but if you don't and just wear the vest over a T shirt, it still works. It just dries out a bit quicker...nothing that another soaking doesn't fix. It's saved my bacon on some really hot days in Utah and Arizona.
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    do like i do hit the starter button about 4.a.m friends thank i"m nuts but have always been an early person ,wife is to
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    Staying hydrated is just part of the solution. Riding long hours under the sun can let heat exhaustion slip up on you before you know it. On an occassinal gas stop, soak your head with cool water, get inside under the A/C or some shade, drink a lot of water and stay there for a while. Eat when you are hungry.

    It has been consistently over 100* in south Texas for several weeks; no rain, no clouds. About a month ago, my brother's wife passed out on the back of his bike and fell off at 55mph. She had not stayed hydrated and did not eat breakfast that morning. My brother never knew it until he saw her tumbling down the shoulder in the rear view. She was very fortunate, lots of road rash and some broken bones in her right hand. A few scabs on her head but she wasn't covered so she was really lucky.

    Don't underestimate the effect of the sun and wind on a long ride; it will get to ya.
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    All good stuff, Dolt's case is just about how I felt after riding through Mindon Nevada a couple of weeks ago. The outside temp. was 115deg. When I got to Reno, it was all I could do to get into my Hotel room and get in a cool shower. Glad to hear that your Bro's wife is ok.
    I'm gonna try that Cool Vest. I don't want to fall off my bike and I can't take the heat anymore, thanks.
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    The temperature between Barstow, CA and Las Vegas, NV was 110 degrees when I drove through there a few days ago on my way to Sturgis. I used an evaporative vest a few years ago but didn't like the weight and the clammy feeling. So, I bought a vest that has inserts that you put into the refrigerator or under a bag of ice. It has worked well but the best thing that I have found are those neck wraps that you put in water and then wear around your neck. Also, stop frequently for liquids and to cool off.
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    x2 on the neck wrap, and drinkn lots of water. cool the core
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    Just got back from a 1900 mile, one week trip from Central Florida to Deals Gap, NC..rode the dragons tail. It got hot on the ride and I can tell you stopping frequently to take a break and hydrate is the way to go. Rode the same route a couple of years ago with some "hard core" riders that insisted on riding straight through..I gotta tell you much better stopping frequently and taking a break, made the whole trip better.