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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by isisrider, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. isisrider

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    Hey guys,
    I just recently bought an 09 ultra and I love the bike, but man this thing is always dirty. I am not used to a fairing or a windshield and man that thing is a bug magnet. The worst part is the rear of the bike, this new bigger tire seems to kick everything up off the road and throw it on the back of the bike, especially in a rain storm or right after a rain. On the other bikes that I ride with the pipes are still clean and the back isn't that dirty, but mine is a filthy mess; could be the nice dark root beer color shows a lot more of the dirt too.
    Anyone use a mud flap, I really don't want to put one on my bike because I don't really like the looks but...........

  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Yep, the fairing will attract every bug within 100 yards when you're out riding. The bug remover HD sells works great but you almost have to do it after every ride. When I'm done riding, I park it and get going on my honey-do list. Next time I walk out and look at it I'm always shocked by the bug carcasses but it doesn't stop me from riding! Only bad thing is I've heard the bugs have some sort of acid that's real bad for the finish on your bike so it is best to get them off as soon as possible.
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    You will have to get use to cleaning the Bike after every Ride, I keep the HD Bug Remover for the Fairing, Works Great!

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    Yup - the fairing on the bike is a bug magnet! Better the fairing than my head - however, that only changed when I switched the short, smoked windsheild for a taller one!

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    You could always drive that pesky 'ol '09 Ultra over here, in my garage you won't even have to look at it. I promise to keep her moving for you so you won't have to deal with the pesky bugs...oh yeah you want to ride her too...never mind! :bigsmiley22:
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    They are somewhat of a pain to clean. I usually do mine once a week. I pull the bags and seat off to wash it. If you ride in the rain....it's gonna get DIRTY. But, I find cleaning my bike to be very calming and gives me a couple of hours to think. Pledge everything but the tires and seat!
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    For a cheap bug remover, try a wet fabric softner dryer sheet. Cuts 'em like a hot knife through butter.
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    I use the pledge after every ride. My wife thinks that I'm alittle anal about it but I just can't stand to see those bugs on my beautiful ride.
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    I have a mud flap and it works. It's actually pretty decent looking too. So you don't have to settle for some plain black mud flap. Shop around. You can get one that will compliment your ride.
    I also clean my fairing from the squashed bugs after every ride. It is a labor of love. Call it owners pride or whatever but after I get done waxing it up again I look at it and say to myself "She sure looks pretty!" :s
    I give it a more thorogh cleaning like every two weeks. I too find it somewhat enjoyable. You get out there on a Saturday morning with a fresh cup of coffee nearby listening to talk radio (o.k. my age is showing here), and it is very gratifying to behold a job well done. Especially when you fill 'er up with gas and the attendent says "Nice bike!"
    Enjoy! :D