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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Lovinlife, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Bought my wife a 2009 883 low a few months ago and went out with friends for a ride this weekend. I was in front and could not see my wife’s headlight in the rearview mirror but could easily see the other bikes. At the first stop I had her turn on her high beams, but still difficult to see. My question is, is that as good as it gets or may I have a electrical issue? I am worried about her driving at night.
    From the advice on this form I upgraded my bulb to the 80/100 as recommended from German auto parts on my FLHX. Would this Bulb also work in the sporty without any issue? It works great on my bike as I do a lot of night driving and like to see the Deer and Elk before I pass them standing on the side of the road. Thanks for any input.
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    To determine if the problem is electrical or otherwise, do the following.
    Pull the headlight out of the bucket but keep the wires attached. Turn on the headlight. Take a voltmeter and measure the voltage directly across the battery posts at the battery. Now measure the voltage directly at the wires where they attach to the bulb. The difference in readings will reflex the entire voltage drop of the headlight circuit. If it is more than .40 volts, you need to find the reason why and fix it.

    When you perform this test DO NOT use a common ground. Perform it just like it is written.
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    09, that should be a warranty issue:s
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    Generally if the light is lit but dim, check the ground wire coming out of the plug on the light. If it isn't a solid ground, the light will be dimly lit as compared to others.
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    I have the exact bike but an 07. Never had a problem with a dim headlight until recently when I started having an issue with charging. I hope you are spared the trouble I'm going through now.
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    Thanks to everyone for the great inputs and advice. I will check Voltage and ground and hopefully it will just be a bad connection. I just wasn’t sure if that was normal for the smaller can as I haven’t paid much attention until it was my wife sitting on the bike. As Captain Jack said it is under warranty and the guys down out Pikes Peak Harley are good to work with so if I can’t find anything I will let them look at it during the 1K next week. Thanks again