Digital Gauges on 2009+ Touring ?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by planohog, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. planohog

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    Does anyone have opinions on the digital gauges for the harley touring bikes. I found some and they sure look nice. I bet its like the first time you ever had a digital watch.. ( old guys will recall those watches :lero )
    Thanks in advance --chino
  2. Doug_09ultra

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    Yeah, I had one of those Texas Instruments digital watches with the dark red numbers....
    ya whipper-snapper!:newsmile045:
  3. LIRider

    LIRider Account Removed

    I do not care for digital gauges. Digital gauges require your brain to do more work than an analog gauge. That is why certain gauges in boiler plants and such, such as steam pressure gauges, are still analog. Your eye can take a glance and your brain knows if it is in the right area of the dial.
  4. RetiredJake

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    You got that right. 20 years on submarines, and digital gauges were few and far between. You could scan your panels and know if everything was right. With a digital gauge, you have to look at it, read it, and then decide if it is in range. A correctly sized analog gauge should read approximately in the center during normal operation. A quick look and you just know.
  5. Gas Gauge

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    Amen RetiredJake! Process/Plant instrument installations agree with this scenario also, driving along the pipeline or tank farm a visual confirmation can be obtained from the cab of your truck.

    Besides, I can't even see the readout on my HK radio (geezer), but a quick glance at my gauges let's me know everything is A-O.K., usually pointing straight up also, except for the ambient air this summer, but even a glance at it's orientation let's my brain know exactly what's up without further processing.
  6. LIRider

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    Yep, I usually specify gauges that the normal oeprating point is roughly 2/3 of the total range. That usually puts the needle a little past 12 o'clock. Just takes a quick glance to see if you are about where you should be. Your brain thanks you ;- )