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    Are there that much of a difference in aftermarket pushrods? Prices seem to very quite a bit. What am I looking for in terms of grade of alloy and strength of the adjustment end? When I did a search, it all came up about individual brands problems and nothing on selecting them. If I install a cam and change them out, Why wouldn't I just go with the cheapest?
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    Adjusting Pushrods - Harley Davidson Community After reading this search Jims, Screaming Eagles and compare:s
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    Well my friend TBones is the pushrod expert. He recommends Baisley pushrods.

    They are tapered which prevents the pushrods from hitting inside the pushrod tubes and they come with a double lock nut, virtually elliminates any possibility that the pushrods will back off.

    It would be my guess if you are just an average rider it really wouldn't matter much which ones you bought. If however you push your engine harder or installed some race mods then T's suggestions would be in order.

    Maybe he will come along here later and fill in some blanks I left out or add another facet to it.
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    I have used Crane Cams push rods for years and have never had a problem.

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    I have had good luck with HD SE slender tapered bought with my SE 255cams from MMCycle parts...

    The slender tapers are easy install and MM gave me a better price than HD store..

    I have in the past went with Cheaper priced ones and Paid the price; they would Bend and Not keep straight.. I had to replace them with better Name units.

    So NOW I stick with HD slender tapers.. IT's NOT like you buy them everyday so get a good Brand name set and SAVE on Trouble down the road...

    Just My Way

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    Bubbie has good info here, also check your push rod to tube fit, some will rub some will not, don't want any noises or leaks:s
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    SE Quick Install Tapered PRs (PN 18404-08 for the kit) are nice pieces of hardware. However, there have been some issue with the quality of the adjustor nuts and cracking. I still use these but change the nuts to a 9.16" Grade 8 3/8 x24 TPI fine nut that has been machined to fit a 1/2" wrench.

    I use the Smith Brothers quick install tapered on my 107" motor. They are not so quick install but IMHO the best pushrod avaiable for the TCs.