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    Hey guys. I'm posting for a friend of mine and advised him to let you guys help him out before he took his bike to thr stealership. 2000 FLHTCUI (ultra glide classic), 1450cc with stage 1 upgrade. He went on a long ride and it died as he was rolling into his driveway. There’s no spark. I don’t hear the fuel pump come up when I turn the ignition to “on”, and there’s a rapid clicking (~3 clicks/second) from the middle relay behind the battery. The bike ran fine right up to this failure, with the only indication of a problem being the tach reading ~double what it should have for the speed I was going, for about 15 minutes prior to the non-starting issue. I replaced the clicking relay, no change. Also replaced the start relay and the coil, nothing changed. Checked all of the fuses I could find, all good. For a brief period, the fuel pump DID prime, the relay WASN’T clicking, and the engine light was flashing the error codes, but when I got a pen and paper and went to try again, it was back to the clicking, fuel pump not priming, and no error codes.Any help would be greatly appreciated.:D
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    There isn't any labeling that tells you the name of that relay. There should be. Also, do you loose the headlight/dash lights when this happens.

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    When your ck. engine light was flashing did you put it in Diagnostic mode or was it just flashing in it's own?If it was on it's own then go here http://www.hdtimeline.com/archive/t-729.html to place in DTC and get your codes. It is in the Self Help under Diagnostics and Fuel Injection. I believe it was item # 131
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    Did you check your battery and charging sysyem? Sound like you may have a bad battery on your motorcycle.........
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    I am electrical systems challenged but if you have checked all ground connections and know they are good, check the main circuit breaker. MCB failures are common in the early TCs. They are located where they are subject to heat and their capacity is diminshed over time. A 40A MCB, over time, does not have 40A capacit; it will be something less and could be diminished enough to cause such a problem. We had to replace the MCB on my brother's 2000 FLHT; it would get hot and the motor would die. We would let it sit for a while to cool off and off we would go again. I believe the MoCo issue a tech bulletin on MCB failures back then.
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    My first thought is check that battery and that means load test it too.
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    This all sounds very familliar, didn't someone else post about issues with the relay that controls the fuel pump and replace it only to find the new one defective?
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    No matter how thorough you think you have been, go back and check ALL the simple stuff again! more often than not it is something simple like a loose ground. I find that the biggest problem most folks have with electrical gremlins is over thinking it. If you are ABSOLUTELY sure it is not something simple loose or dirty then its time to get the test meter out and start systematicly going through the system, making note of what you have done along the way so you are not duplicating your own efforts. As was mentioned by some earlier posters the main circut breakers can go bad, so that might be a bad place to start.