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    I like boats too, but I also can say to each his own. When I was big into bicycling, mostly in WV, I used to hang out around the Snowshoe area, often when lots of motorcyclists were in town, lots of good rides that I have experienced there in a car, on a bicycle, and can't wait to do more on the harley. I will say the loud bikes really roared in the peaceful valleys, but I don't fault anyone for doing what they love and seeing the world.

    It seems to me that most of the bikers I have met are the most patriotic people in the country. Most have served their country, and to me, my hat goes off to them. I don't see many art galleries doing anything at all compared to all the things I see motorcycle enthusiasts do for veterans on a weekly basis. Look thru any magazine and many of the events are done for some type of charity, be it for kids or vets.

    I've had to sit at a draw bridge on many occasions to let a sailboat pass, and they are by no means speedy. :D I just turn the radio up, and watch the boat go by because sometimes I've been the boat. Thanks for posting that, it was interesting.
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    This is a post I made in response to a similar thread in another forum:

    Generally, I like Keillor. He's funny and "down home." But I think he's way off base here.

    There are lots of ways one can "celebrate" (that word never quite fits with Memorial Day, but let it go), and I agree that visiting the National Gallery is one of them. It's not the only way, however, and to impugn the motives of those who choose another way is at best rude, and at worst, a cheap shot at a lot of veterans who, more than most, understand the meaning of Memorial Day.

    Mr. Keillor can visit the National Gallery on any day of the year, and the meaning of the gallery will be the same. Visiting the Vietnam Wall on Memorial Day is, however, a special event on a special day. Going there next Tuesday would NOT be the same. So let those for whom Memorial Day is indeed a special day celebrate it in whatever way they choose.

    Just a final note.... I'm sure that there are posers and wannabes riding in that crowd of veterans; that's their right. And I'm just as sure that there are poser and wannabe art afficienados hanging out at the National Gallery hoping to see and be seen.
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    That reporter guy is a facetious ringpiece.Memorial days and the parades that accompany them are a "celebration"of those that made the ultimate sacrifice and those lucky enough to have served and servived.Both have earned the right to be honored and remembered. The manner in which they do that is immeterial.He was excerciseing the right that was won for him that enabled him to look at his works of art.The bikers were doing exactly the same,if the brave fallen could voice an opinion,I'm sure they would condone both activitys.
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    And it's ironic that those we celebrate on Memorial Day fought and died for the right to publish drivel such as that.Just another case of you're free as long as you like what I do.
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    What I fail to understand is how so many people will scream and holler about a war just because it will hurt the other political party. Didn't like it when some Republicans did it over Bosnia and like it even less when I see Pelosi, Reid, Carter, and Obama kissing the enemy and hurting our troops just so they can bash President Bush. I remember when being a Democrat (party loyalist) was equally as patriotic as any Republican but that all died pretty much with Humphrey and by 1972 the socialization of that Party was well under way. Anyway as the Democrats are socialist stooges the Republicans have become effectively corporationists and "we the people" don't have anyone to give a crap about us anymore. We might as well accept the fact that the left, like Obama, has nothing but contempt for anything we accept as fine American tradition. They don't like our religion, our guns, our bikes, our freedom. I'm afraid the time is quickly coming where if we value our freedom we will once again have to fight for it.
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    Garrison Keillor, and "people" like him, don`t have a clue. Totally out of touch with the real world. Thank God for Bikers! :yes
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    Garrison Keillor IMO is a POS and really doesn't have a clue. For those of us who have been to Rolling Thunder, we understand that it is not a parade but a protest to draw attention to our POW and MIA. But he has a right to voice his opinion just as I have a right to voice mine.
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    Awww, what a shame, Garrison Keillor was inconvenienced for 20 minutes. While most, if not all "those bikers" were inconvenienced for a year or more in locations where people were trying to kill them! Like most he's sees the bikes and misses the point.
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    Keillor needs to stick to those useless and trivial Radio skits he promotes. And not make commentary about things he doesn't understand.