Did I Mess Up (yes, Glider, I looked before posting)

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BlaineG, Aug 21, 2011.

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    I bought the 08 Ultra Custom about three months ago with 11,000 and now, with 16,000, before my big trip thru CA, NV, AZ (all hot SW places this year) I wanted a professinal to check the basics on the scoot for me. HD in Tacoma was running a 15,000 mile special that was fairly inexpensive, and I've never heard anything bad about that dealership. So, everything checked out, and afterward the bike ran and more importantly, felt great. Here's the ????
    They put Syn3 in all three holes, and now I'm wondering if my scoot is going to blow up in the heat....I intend to change my own and use Amsoil oil/filter in future, but this Syn3 came with the checkup... What say you?
    Also, can I top off with Amsoil, or should I stick with Syn3 until I change to Amsoil upon my return from my trip (about 5,000 miles) Thanks, as I'm a 40 year biker, but 3 month Harley dude.:cheers
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    It's not gonna blow up from Syn3 or any good oil. I'm not familiar with Syn3 (other than hearing it comes from down Hugo Chavez's way) but as long as it's full (not blended) synthetic then you have a good lube. I personally use Amsoil since I have an Amsoil dealer up the road, but I'm gonna put some Redline Shockproof in the tranny next time just to try it.

    You can top it off with anything you want, even regular motor oil. It just dilutes the synthetic qualities down some. But topping off with another full synthetic is fine, no problems there. This came straight from my Amsoil salesman.
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    Mostly, I guess, I was worried about the tranny...some of the threads I read up on posed that the bearing failure experienced was a direct result of HD oil.....if that is true, I'd change it out in a heartbeat before too many miles went by and before the big trip.
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    After returning from Sturgis I went to Duluth HD to meet Geezer and his lovely wife Kim. A good friend of mine is the head tech there, He does not use syn 3 in the tranny, It will not blow up but gear oil for the tranny is a better choice:s
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    Thanks, everyone:D
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    Re: Did I Screw Up(yes, Glider, I looked before posting)

    I think you'll be fine with the Syn3 in the tranny, but if it gets to bothering you on your trip and you are anywhere near Phoenix, check back in. Tank has the Amsoil or I can refer you to an Indy that carries Spectro GL5. Draining and refilling is a 10 minute job and my garage would be available.

    For what its worth, my good riding buddy Dave has an '09 EG Classic with 54k miles; the first were as a dealer rental for 23k and the balance were his. He rides year 'round without a hint of a problem, and uses Syn3 in all three as that is what the dealer puts in. He only smiles when I suggest alternatives.
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    Best bet is to get the Syn 3 out of the trans and put in a gear oil of your choice. It doesn't do the job well and especially in the trans.

    Now if we could get the other 49,999 members to search too, that would be a good thing:D
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    See here:

    Generic fluid recommendations

    Engine: FULL synthetic 20W50 VTwin engine oil
    Tranny: FULL snythetic 75W140 GL-5 gear lube
    Primary: Fit-for-purpose chaincase/wet clutch lubricant (like HD Formula +, Spectro Primary, Redline Primary, etc.)