DFO/TFI installed

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by ashenfang, Sep 5, 2008.

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    Well I finally got the DFO/TFI installed from dobeck. My bike currently only has rush slip on's and stock air cleaner, but the bike just seemed to run hot, and at cruise would miss beats now and then.

    I called up george and he said to use the settings 3-3-2-4:30, so thats what I did and took her for a spin tonight. WOW! the bike has really woken up. The first thing I noticed was a slight drop in idle, with a deeper tone. I put her in first gear and rode like I normal would and immediately noticed how much smoother the throttle was and also that the exhaust was deeper and not as raspy, but more clean sounding, alot of the "crack" sound was removed. Shifting is much smoother. Before, the bike would crap out in first gear at around 15-17mph, sounding like it had no more, but now, ramps up to 25 with no problems, stuttering, hesitation, ect. and shifts right into second smoothly. I am very impressed.

    Im not sure, but it may be a bit rich on the first or second pot as I can smell gas at idle....but that could be normal. I just thought I would share with anyone else who has one or is thinking about getting one.
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    Sounds good. I too have decided on the TFI for my 07 SB after much research. I am currently running Rush 2" and will be adding the SE air cleaner.