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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Nails, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Nails

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    For a winter time project I'm thinking about making the tour pak on my FLTRU detachable. Looking at moving both antenna inside the fairing with a kit from J&M audio and using the HD kit for the tour pak.
    Has anyone made this modification? If so how do you like it, what are the pros and cons.
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Not exactly the same situation, but close. I ADDED a detachable tour pack to my 2008 Street Glide to have more room for stuff on overnight trips. I figured I would take it off for local, day rides and just use the passenger backrest if my wife wanted to come along. Let me tell you - that thing hardly ever gets taken off anymore! It's just so handy to keep stuff in it and it's MUCH more comfortable for my wife than just a small backrest. It makes it easier to use the bike for errands and gives you a place to lock your helmet when you're away from the bike.

    My opinion only but unless you just hate the way it looks back there, I'd find a different project to spend some money on.
  3. wannaride

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    My 99 UC has a detachable tour pack & I may have had it off for a few months in the last 4 years & that was because I was going through a bankruptcy & had the bike stripped down. I enjoyed it but my wife hated it. I also enjoy having it on for the added room. My antennas are mounted down between the fender & hard bag.

  4. dd1228

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    I agree with Steve07, those in the fairing antennas do not work very well. I took my antenna off the tour pack and made a bracket and mounted it on the saddle bag bracket next to the rear fender on the left side. When I use the tour pack, I just have to pull the antenna back a little and it rests on the back of the tour pack. I filed a little groove on the lower edge of the tour pack and the antenna rests in there and will not move side to side.
  5. Mainah

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    Like the others said the detachable tourpack is a great idea. I don't ride much with mine off, but it makes it so much easier to really clean the bike.
  6. Bgdv1

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    i have a like new biketronics powered hidden antenna for sale. put it in my street glide and for were i live and ride the reception wasnt the greatest so i went back to my stock antenna. the double sided tape is still on the back unused as i zip tied it to my wiring harness.
    im asking $30 shipped. i paid $39.95 at Zanotti's it was in my fairing for one 200 mile ride. pm me here
    look under the stuff for sale i have pics there. make me an offer if your interested.
  7. Cuzz

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    I bought mine with the quick disconnect already installed. Convenient, yes.
    But challenging to keep fitted tightly enough so that it doesnt do the shake, rattle and roll.
  8. rking

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    I did the same on my 2010FLHX and it hasn't come off yet, been on for 8mos.
  9. revok1200

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    I bought an after market tour pak (06 RG) and ebayed the quick disconnect mounts for the pak. I love it, paid less than 350.00 for everything, color matched to my bike and I can take it off and put it on in just seconds.

    It does stay on most of the time, but that is because I commute daily for work. Love being able to take it off and get that sleek look.
  10. goon

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    I did the Quick-detach on my 06 Flhx and I love it. I went a different route because my wife is almost 6'. I used the Quick-adjust tour-pac Relocate from Kuryakyn. It puts her back more in the saddle instead of pushing me forward. The relocation of the Radio Ant. in the Fairing (EDIT) , I've used two diffrent kinds. I just went with the short Ant. and it works Great.

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