Dented front fender from Light Bar

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Delmar, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Delmar

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    The battle scars earned in the line of duty used to look cool but are now getting old. My next project is to remove the dent in the front fender. I assume it got whacked by the driving light bar when the officer ran into something.

    The dent is centered over the mounting bracket. I can’t see or feel inside without removing the fender, does the bracket go all the way under the fender to the other side? If the bracket is not underneath the dent I’m going to attempt banging it out from behind.

    Is there a disconnect plug for the fender light wire, or do I have to cut the wire and resolder?

    I’m open to all suggestions for a cheap fix. It appears too deep to just bondo over. I prefer something that makes it look 50% better for $100, rather than making it look absolutely perfect for $1000.

  2. murf

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    Too deep for bondo. That much bondo would eventually crack due to vib. anyway. Possibly hammer it out and repaint...Look on craigslist/ebay for replacement fender or look into the paintless dent repair that is so popular these days. They can usually pop it out and straighten to near perfect as long as it's not on a crease. dent repair should be near $100
  3. Chopper

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    We have a guy around here called dent pro and he can pull a dent out pretty good, not perfect by good enough for most, it's very cheap (around $50.00) and you don't have to remove the fender and he comes to you. If you do remove your fender just follow the tip light wire up your brake line and into the left back side of the forks, with the front end turned to the right you should be able to pull the wire out enough to reach the two wire connector, just press the detach latch and disconnect it.
  4. glenreeder

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    If you will be happy with it looking only 50% better I'd first try the paintless dent repair. I was told that because the metal on bikes is a heavier ga metal than auto fenders it is a bit tougher to make it look good but I would think it wouldn't take much to make it look 50% better. I have had a few small dents fixed this way on my truck and they look pretty good.
  5. hoggy25

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    These fenders are not very heavy metal. Feels like about 26 ga. If you take off the front wheel you can probably push most of the dent out with your hand. Might want to try that before paying someone.