Deluxe thinks my legs'r too long!!

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by roqueweiler, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. roqueweiler

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    Hello all,

    Recently bought my first bike ever, a 2005 Softail deluxe. I absolutely love the retro look of the bike, but at 6'2" with a 34.5" inseam, I need to move back.

    Some questions:
    1. Will sculpting the seat as per the how-to thread be good enough? (or even good enough for now?)

    2. Does the Corbin Classic solo move me back at all? Could anyone here who rides one please advise?

    3. What year's seat from a Heritage fits the Deluxe and do they move the rider back?

    4. What do you think of the deluxe as a beginner's bike? (225 lbs and a good downhill, north shore, mtn biker who hasn't been on a street bike for 30 years and that was a friend's 650cc yamaha touring style)

    Some more info:
    bike has highway pegs which I can take or leave; I'm not sold.
    I don't want forward controls.
    I hate the tall boy seat.

    Thanks in advance from a complete noob!
  2. Ride n Shine

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    H-D sell all you need to move the running boards forward and a longer brake lever. I have a mate that put all this on his Fatboy and he is 6'6".
  3. Ride n Shine

    Ride n Shine Member

    I have just found what you need from Kuryakyn to move your boards out 1" and forward 1" that sould fit your bike to your legs, part# 4588.
  4. streetg

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    Ride and Shine has the answers your looking for, these are great products and you will dig the fit! I ride with a tall dude like you and he has the same Kuryakyn floor board adaptor and Kuryakyn floor longer floor boards and he digs it.