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  1. tsp45acp

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    We have/had a couple of threads about deer & bikes. Some hits and a lot of misses.

    Those that had hits: did you have stock exhaust or loud pipes?

    Those that missed: did you have stock exhaust or loud pipes & have you had

    more than one close call and had some with stock exhaust and some loud pipes?

    Just something I've wondered about about since I put my pipes on. I had one close call back in the winter---about 1830 hrs (dark), he came out of the shadows and I missed him by about 2'. Stock exhaust and I could hear his hooves scraping and slipping on the asphalt. Thanks, Tracy

    P.S. Mods, if we could get this as a poll I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. UglyJohn

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    I had the loud obnoxious pipes in the past and just didn't seem to make a difference to the deer. Guessing they didn't get the memo! :D However, loud pipes just started to wear me out on the longer trips, brought me to the attention of local officers, but I was "cool" cause I had loud pipes. I've got tunes now and would much rather listed to them. I'm hoping that loud rock, blues and jazz will scare 'em off now. :s
    Ugly John
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    The problem with deer and moose is that they become spellbound by the lights coming at them and they freeze,I travel roads where they are in abundance and just after dusk seems to be the worst,we can come up on them with the diesel belching and the truck horn blaring and they just stand there frozen.

    PS For polling you have to use your thread tools before you submit a new thread
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    Thanks, never did a poll before and didn't think about it til after I posted.

    This is getting what I was hoping for. Tracy
  5. silentflyer

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    My experience is the loud pipes make more of them move away from the road, the "quiet" bikes I have rented doesn't seem the same effect, more of them just stand there till you get close and then run, sometimes acroos the road in front of you. IMO anway.......
  6. H4U30

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    I just posted this in another thread but thought it would fit here also.
    09 FLHX with Rinehart slip ons that I was very dissapointed in so I took the baffles out and put BigCityThunder baffles in the head pipes. Not that they are much of a baffle but wow did they help with torque. So yeah my pipes are loud, and really loud when I crank on it, and I love it.
    Loud pipes save lifes isn't just for cagers, just the other day my pipes scared away 3 moose at different times. I was riding in very rural (no man's land) north western Maine. When cruising at about 70 and you come around a corner and see a moose running off the side of the road because he heard you coming it makes you love those loud pipes even more! Even the gf on the back made the comment of "I'm glad he heard us coming!"
    I have not been bothered by police, matter of fact I've noticed they haven't even given me a second look. Probably because when in towns, cities, or heavily populated area's I don't tend to crank on it out of respect.
  7. pookibr

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    Well I had the stage 1 with new pipes put on my bike when I bought it. The week before my accident I seen 2 deer and they ran away from me when I got close. When I had my accident the deer ran right in front of me. So its hard to say if it made a difference for me.
  8. jdezorzi

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    here in Pa. it seems that loud pipes have an advantage over stock ones.
  9. elctricstart

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    Pipes will scare them some what. I use the horn as soon as I see them.Deer make me real nervous, a lot in my area also.
  10. Hill202

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    I agree, the loud pipes may scare them but it's anybody's guess as to which way they are gonna run!
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