Decision making help on an Ultra

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by HD Texan, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. HD Texan

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    Just got back from checking out an '09 Ultra Classic for sale locally.
    It's got 3,400 miles on it and super clean. Older gentleman purchased brand new and added some highway pegs, chrome trim package on cluster and changed out the mirrors....that's it. No performance upgrades what so ever.
    He started at $18,500 and I got him down to $16,300.
    Color is nice (solid dark blue), but not my first choice if I were going new.
    Biggest downside is that I really wanted ABS and this is an early '09 model and doesn't have it.

    I love the fact that I'd be saving about $9k over buying brand new, but it's also 2.5 years old, not my first choice in color and does not have the braking system I prefer.

    I need help from you this too good of a deal to pass up?
    Should I purchase or hold out for a new one in about a year or so?
  2. glider

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    09 for $16.300, go buy it, life is short.:s

    3,400 miles isn't even loosened up yet.


    April 3, 2011

    • 2-Cylinders
    • 4-Stroke
    • 1584cc

    Suggested Retail Value $20855
  3. dbmg

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    I do not care for ABS. The price is great. Can you live with the color???
    Can you justify if there is only 2 negatives for saving $9000.00 dollars over new????
    If it were me it would be in my garage.
  4. ultra...good

    ultra...good Banned

    I'd buy it. At that price you can ride it for a 2-3 years, and still get close to what you paid for it if you sell it yourself. As far as the ABS, I still am not sure how this is beneficial on a bike. I know, if your in a turn and breaking hard it can help you maintain control, but I prefer to be able to lock em up. I can understand ABS on the front, but how many times is locking up the front really an issue? As far as the colr, for what your saving, have the thing repainted if it bothers you that much.
    JMO, and good luck to you, whatever you decide!! and welcome to the forum!!
  5. sharpscuba

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    At that price the bike would be mine.

    HOLY DIVER Junior Member

    i agree buy it. :D trust me you never know the color might grow on you. when a bike really rides great and you put allot of miles on it do your own maintenance. all those memories add up and you come to love every aspect of the bike+that's a great price...oh yea its a good deal 2
  7. Hoople

    Hoople Account Removed

    The 2009 also does not have HDLAN which for me would be a positive buying point.
  8. Old Mike

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    It sounds like a great deal for the money, you have to decide if the money saved is worth getting a bike that's not exactly what you want. I have a blue and silver 09 Ultra with ABS and I love the bike. I have felt the ABS actuate twice in 17,000 miles, once stopping on a slick road and once when a cage pulled out in front of me, I honestly don't know if it saved anything but I do like the idea of having it and I'll buy it again. If color is a big issue you will have saved enough to pay for a new paint job.
  9. HD Texan

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    8 "go for it's" and not a single "nay"...thanks guys, this is what I needed to hear to re-affirm my decision.

    The color isn't bad at all, just wouldn't have picked it as my first choice if buying new and could choose anything.

    Been doing alot of reading here today and sounds like I'm going to have to lay some coin down for some slip on's, breather kit and fuel injection programmer of some sort (aside from some chrome goodies too:D).

    Oh boy, here we go again!!
  10. ultra...good

    ultra...good Banned

    I didn't like the color of my ultra either. I bought it in March of 2010. Its a 99 and it only had 2200 miles on it and I got it for $9000. After a good coat of wax, and some chrome polish, the color really grew on me. Not to mention the price.