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    So I went into a local Harley dealer today looking at a new Ultra in black. After a hour of them trying to get me to buy bike today, and offering to send truck to my house and pick up old bike (its raining). I said, we need to talked about what I wanted to see and after completely disregarding my request and trying to get me to sign off on buyer sheet I told salesman this game I don't play. I told him I wanted best number acknowledging that the trade difference could be $500.00 once they see bike. The salesman came back with a reduction of $400.00 off sticker and $9933.49 difference with my bike. I said HUH??? The salesman tried to emphasize that the finance rate is 1.99%. I told him thanks and chalked it up to this being the 4th dealer I walked out of in the past 6 months. I guess they don't want to sell unless its for full sticker. Thats them order takers I guess.:bigsmiley22::bigsmiley30::small3d023:
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    Those darn capitalists!