Dealer getting better at tire change scam

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by cambre04, Mar 21, 2010.

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    A biker came to a dealer in Winchester, Va a few days ago for an annual state inspection...his bike failed because the rear tire was bald. $275 for new tire, mount and balancing. He wanted to buy a Dunlop tire and bring in for mounting, the service manager said no can do...their insurance will not cover the shop if they mount a tire that they did not sale. I have never had this happen to me, I always have bought my own tires in to have mounted. There is always a new twist.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Yep, and the sad thing is you look in their catalog, the HD Dunlops are $50-$70 or more than Internet discounters, plus the Michelin ones are closer to the same! While this is not "terrible" as all of this is common knowledge, it does hurt their case regarding the playing of the insurance card.
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    My dealer will only install stuff they sell also. I have an Indy do mine :)
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    I know that I've said it before, but I feel very lucky to have a dealer like HD of Gainesville. They have never given me any trouble mounting tires, exhust systems, or any other part I purchased. It great to live close enough to a dealer who understands customer service.
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    Having saved the money and ordered from a catalog and put the tire on myslef once in my life I will pay whatever thay ask. It is not worth the trouble.:coffee
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    I am not against saving money by buying over the net or elsewhere, but I have also learned the value of supporting my local dealer. I try to evaluate the entire situation and many times it makes sense to pay a little more and support your dealer. Remember, he has to pay inventory and other overhead to be sure he has the items to keep you and I out of a bind. On the other hand I am against them ripping us off with rediculous pricing. On tires, I have found it is worth the extra 5-10% to have the service and afterservice available. I stop by often while riding and they always are willing to check pressure in my tires and once replaced missing valve stem covers. I know it is not much, but it is worth the relationship to me. I guess it is all about if you have a good dealer or not. Just my 2 cents.

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    Walleye, and well received I might add. I also believe in keeping business local and indeed work to make a decent offer with my local HD dealer whenever possible. And they know me by first name when I go through that revolving door. Even though I get stuff priced on the Internet, I go to the dealer to see if they can match the price or at least use the vendor I select.

    Most vendors give the dealer the stuff at a wholesale price with minor markup so it is in all parties interest to "close the deal" in such a way everyone wins. That is how good business practices work, a deal should be one that everyone can live with.
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    liberty harley in rahway nj and thier service manager anthony would never even think about pulling that stuff i just had new tires put on my bike a 07 rk and i wanted michelin commanders he quoted me a price of 320 for the tires plus 100 bucks for mounting and balancing when i told him i could get them online at the motorcycle superstore 100 bucks cheaper he said no problem at that price he could understand why i wanted to purchase them elsewhere and he would still be glad to mount them on the bike. i've been dealing with anthony since i purchased the bike in june of 07 which by the way was'nt purchased from liberty and he has never complained about my bringing in stuff i bought elsewhere he was happy to get the work and thats why i pay the higher labor cost at the dealer they treat me great.
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    Local dealership, told me I needed two new tires, or my bike would fail inspection.
    I was shocked as I thought they had a lot of tread left.
    I looked at them, and they were fine.... "inspector" said.. no.... you've worn out the center tread...... this on a Dunlop Elite-3.
    I said I'll think about it, took the bike to an Indy, the bike passed...
  10. jaceddie

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    Going through at least 1 set of tires a year, 18 to 20k mile, I order online and mount myself. I'd would have to come off retirement to pay to have it done.