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    I have a 1999 RKC with Thunderheader slip-ons and a K&N air breather. These items were on the bike when it was shipped to Canada. My understanding is after making these changes the bike would have had a new download added. The bike has had the cams replaced (Andrews 21N) and a Dobeck TFI added. Does it need to be put back to the stock download and set up the TFI according to their instructions? The bike is running well, I'm just curious what the knowledgeable folks here have to say. Thanks for any input.
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    Dial in the number1 pot using the instructions,then you can turn down#2and 3 #4 can be set to 4:30 as the dealer download gives you 1000 more rpm .
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    The TFI adds fuel on top of the download which are still EPA lean, just lower settings than without the download.