Dead battery ?????

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by softail00, Sep 3, 2008.

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    I recently just purchased my first bike 2000 heritage softail (luv it) and went for my first long ride over 50 miles. Stopping to get gas I shut it off and went to start it just clicked so I jumped it thinking it was somthing stupid. About 5 mile down the road it back fires and shuts off. So before putting any money into it guessing just looking for some possible ideas.

    SS engine
    new battery
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    Be VERY careful jumping a bike, you can do a lot of damage to it. The ECM will not operate properly under 9 volts so check the voltage in the battery.

    Check your battery terminals first for tightness and cleanliness, load test the battery even thou it is new, doesn't mean it's good, then check the charging system. Only way to tell is diagnose the problem by checking the systems to find out which one is at fault.

    This will get you started, other posts in the self help forum will give you more info too.

    Testing The Charging System - Harley Davidson Community
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    Whenever I needed a jump....I allways got a push... just remember to have the bike in 3rd gear. If it dont start, you have more serious issues.