dead battery problems with FLHTCUI 2005

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by micron, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. micron

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    :DJust wondering if anyone has ever had a battery go dead on the ultra EFI and what kind of problems you had because of reprogramming etc...? I have heard that if I let my battery go dead it could cost as much as $650, for what I do not know. If anyone can enlighten me on this I would be thankful.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Ozoneman

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    When I first went to see the bike I bought recently the battery was dead because it had set for the winter. The guy charged it up and it works fine now. He didn't need to do anything else. Next time I went to look at it before I bought it, it ran fine.

    One of the first things I had installed on my bike after I bought it was a battery tender. I always plug it in when I park it in the garage. The service writer at the dealership told me that if you always use the battery tender and keep the battery charged all the time, you can get a couple more years out of your battery.
  3. glider

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    You really have to find out from the person that told you about the $650 and what it entailed.
    Look at it this way, If you change a battery you have to disconnect both cables and then you install the new battery and hook up the cables. Only difference is if you have an alarm system, you have to turn on the ignition and then pull the maxi fuse, other than that, $650....can't imagine!
  4. FSTFWD55

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    hey man...could be easy fix. my battery(FLHTCSE2) kept going dead. well, seems the tour pak light never went out when the cover was closed. just crack the lid and see if it's still on. it is..? well just un plug it for now. HD sent out a recall.
    check your local dealer. good luck.
  5. HarleyHarry

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    $650 for a new battery. I see I can make some money here.
    I'll charge $575, throw in a cup of coffee and detail the bike on top of that.