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Discussion in 'Trikes' started by cccanmend, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Hi, I have an 08 Classic and I recently converted it to a tike. Last week while driving this on a moderatly warm day we got to a light and when the light turned green the bike stalled, and could not be restarted. The check engine light stayed on also. I had to roll through the light and into a lot. After a few minutes the bike restated, but really had no throttle. rpms were 2000 and oil pressure 20. the bike would not go faster than 30 mph.
    we continuted on our ride home and at another light it did the same. thing.
    Waited again. Now when this happens you can immediately hear the engine rev up to 2000 rpms. Bike was very hot as well. Can you help?
    The next day took the trike out for a ride ok for 20 miles and same thing happen again. We now have it in for an oil cooler and waiting to hear what might be going on.
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    Any mods to the bike or motor other than the trike conversion?
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    It seems like a component in the system may have gone bad and the trike is running in 'Default' or limp mode as some call it. The ECM has a program to bring the bike home in default if one of the key system parts malfunctions.