Dang deer....

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  1. formike56

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    A beautiful Friday morning.... Till a Deer decided to broadside me while riding motorcycle to work..... Just left the house at 5:30. I was 2 blocks from the house all geared up. Was going about 45 when I saw a brown streak come from between 2 houses. Hit my calf. Which was right where the SE heavy breather is. Mashed the (EDIT) outa of the breather which bruised the (EDIT) out of my leg. Didn't break anything. Just a little sore. Didn't drop it. I guess my Guardian Angel was with me today... Again..

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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  2. LEOG

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    You may count your blessings that all you have is the minor damage you and your bike suffered. Tha angel was working OT for you. Most glad to hear you ar OK.

    Keep the Dirty side doen, Ride Safe
  3. gmurdock

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    Glad to hear you are OK. Hope you fell the same tomorrow. You are 1 lucky guy.
  4. Polarbear

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    Glad to hear you are OK. Bike can be fixed easy enough.
  5. RetiredJake

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    Glad you came through that one with only minor injury/damage, could have been a lot worse. You should say a prayer of thanks to your guardian angel tonight.
  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    Deer are such a scary wild card this time of year. I can be cruising down a beautiful, 2 lane, country road minding my own business and just the THOUGHT of a deer leaping out at me is enough to ruin my karma for awhile.
  7. AcidRayn

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    they are like cocaroaches here. i live in farm land so they are everywhere.
    wrecked a car last year on one, bought a new truck, hit one 2 weeks later, there are hoof prints on my passenger side door! i hate them.
  8. Sharky1948

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    Glad you are OK!!! Any way I can get on the protected list of your Guardian Angel??? (S)he is obviously really on the case!
  9. twoup

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    Hit broadside and didn't go down. You are one of the lucky few.
    Hitting a deer or being hit by a deer (or moose or elk) is one of
    my biggest fears when my wife is with me. Just missed a deer
    at 65mph once. Still get butterflies when I think about that.

    ride safe
  10. CatWoman

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    You really were lucky - hard to imagine getting just a glancing blow when broadsided by a deer, Except:

    Of an experience I had Many years ago. I was passed by a rather fast moving sport bike. As I crested the mountain, I heard kind of an odd sound (combination of a screech, scream, crash and thud) with the sport bike just ahead of me. To my surprise, it wasn't one of the many deer that cause the leading bike to slide to an abrupt stop (rider flipping into a small ditch with his hemet rolling down the road), but a BEAR (black bear to be exact)!!! And it was headed right for me - I swerved to the right, it swerved to the left and was gone.

    Apparently, according to the rider, he essentially broadsided the bear walking across the road. The bike may have been totaled but the rider sustained substantial injuries (muliple fractures, laceration and one ear was almost completely ripped off, but he should have healed fine. Never saw him again. Not sure of the bear, never saw it again either :s

    Sorry, didn't mean to make anyone worry about crossing a bear's path while riding. Just be careful, you never know what's coming from between the houses, around the bend or over the crest! Ride Safe!!

    CatWoman :rider