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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by looz98, Apr 10, 2012.

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    i have a troubleshooting question. any and all help is greatly appreciated. i put dakota digital gauges on my 2007 ultra,bought them used. all were/are working ok, but i noticed last time riding my oil temp gauge started reading erratic. had faring off checked all connections, all are good.....here's what's going on..it's set to 'f',high reading set to 290*,all good,start bike temp reads about 80*-100* then the more i'm riding temp will move all the way down to 22*then i start getting the error code,EEE for awhile then it starts to read again but never more than 22--30*. this flucuating happens pretty regularly. i have a oil cooler on the bike but like i said this was working b4.could the sending unit possibly be bad, or what else can be happening ??
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    You said you checked all the connections inside the fairing but what about down where the sending unit and the oil cooler are?
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    Check your grounds and check the connections @ the battery, clean and tight
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    dr dolittle and jack
    yes i've checked grounds, checked sending unit(seems fine) ,checked battery connections and yes that's the setup i have on my bike. i've double check all thats why i'm so stumped
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    Call Dakota Digital up directly they can answer your questions. It may be hard to troubleshoot this problem if you have all the connections correct and there are not any shorts or bare spot in the wires it can only be the sensor or the guage.