D&D FatCat 2-1 & PC V

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tencrore, May 17, 2009.

  1. tencrore

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    I'm about to order the D&D FatCat 2-1's as well as the PC V and have some questions to those who have them installed or have some knowledge about the following;

    These pipes would be going onto a 2008 RoadKing.

    The question is do I need to have the bike dynoed even though I am adding the PC V. I am hoping FuelMoto would be able to provide me with the necessary map for these pipes. Additionally, if I do purchase the AutoTune module from FuelMoto, would this be sufficient in taking the place of having the bike dynoed?

    I have read through some of the searches regarding this and am a bit confused on the issue of dynoing the bike after the install of the pipes.

    Any other advice or tips regarding this setup would be appreciated.

  2. duffey22

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    My Opinion....
    Don't get the D&D Fatcat.
    more heat on the right side.
    Burn my paints everytime i ride it.
    burns holes in my rain suit.
    Very loud
    I spend most of my time cleaning the burn marks off the heat shild where it burns my clothing.
    Just my opinion......
  3. duffey22

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    PCIII and had it dynoed
    Then went with TTS master tune.
    Still hot and burns holes in my rain suit and jeans
    Just got back Sunday from a 1400 mile ride and spent most of today getting the burnt marks off the shield.