Cycle Shack slip-ons for 2006 Deluxe

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by cdell, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. cdell

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    I have be lurking on the site for a while and think it is a great resource, thanks.
    I need some opinions. I just bought a set of Cycle Shack turn down slip-on's and in asking around have gotten 2 different answers. One said if I just do the slip-on's I don't need a Fuel Management system and obviously the other says yes I do. I plan to put them on and then latter as $$$ permit get SE Air Cleaner kit. I realize that when i do this I will need a fuel management system, but I was hoping to use the slip-on's with out one, Is that smart?
    Your opinions and comments welcome.
    When get the fuel system I am thing either Power commander or Dobeck Your opinions welcome here as well

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  2. Flywheel

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    I have about 44,000 on my 06 Softtail std. with turn-out Cycle Shack slipons. I love the sound. I will get burbling and maybe a couple of pops if I downshift hard.
    The pipes are black inside as they should be. I don't feel they have leaned the fuel mixture enough to be harmful. I'll know for sure when I get to teardown time..... hopefully at more than 100k. Good luck, you will love the sound especially after you run a 1000 miles or so. Don't forget your ear plugs, you'll need'em.
  3. glider

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    The bikes are running on the lean side for EPA and by installing the mufflers you are giving it a better flow even without the intake. I would do the TFI with the slipons and readjust it when you get the intake. It will run much better any way with the added fuel and just the slip ons.
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    I had cycle shack slip ons for my 04 heritage, I found out CS was making the
    screaming eagle parts, so I got CS for under $200 several years back. They held up real well, I had 47K on it when it got traded in.. There was some blueing
    but nothing horrible, looked pretty normal compared to other bikes with similar miles.. I had the stage I done before I put them on.