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    Has anyone else had problems with the CVO Breakout ?

    I got my 2013 breakout in October after waiting 10 months for delivery, I live in Malaysia and also have a Deuce which I have put 320,000 Kilometers on in the ten years I have owned it, riding every day to work and doing about 3 to 4 big rides round asia each year. The breakout was supposed to be its replacement but I am now having second thoughts. I notice that in heavy monsoon rain the handling is really bad with the bike hydroplaning with its wide back tyre. The front mud guard is too short as in rain or on wet roads the spray is splashed back onto the headlight and at higher speed it goes straight onto my helmet visor. The seat has an indentation with the Harley logo which fills with water if you ride or park in the rain so your (EDIT) is permanatley wet. The foot break pedal is very difficult to get to in a hurry as you have to bend your leg round the air filter and the filter gets really clogged up in heavy rain. Although I love the bike I wish more thought had been put into rider comfort rather than just looks. What do you guys think?

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    the seat isn't a new item was same on the CVO springer/ CVO convertable and the fat boys, yeah the ham can is a pain if you have shorter than average legs or like me short legs that cannot reach forwards, short muddies are de rigour at the mo on this style of bike and the 21" front wheel well :D as for the aqua planing in the wet - power slides and drifts gallour, never had the issue on my Night rod and that the same size rear boot
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    Every motorcycle I have ever owned needed customizing. I always get a new seat, a windshield, horn, air filters and pipes and sometimes lights. The new parts improve the riding experience. There are many other choices for these accessories than HD. Can you switch the mud guards from your Deuce to the Breakout?

    Hydroplaning should be avoided. Maybe you should change the tires. I think that the Dunlops that came with my Harley were good, but Metzeler made my ride more comfortable. It really helped to see the tires next to each other to compare the thread pattern and size. Your mileage may vary. The Metzeler thread was twice as thick and softer. . .

    I have a Biker rain suit that I used on long trips but now I use leather pants and jacket with 3 waterproofings. You probably have to change clothes when you ride to work in the Monsoon season after you arrive at work.

    Good Luck