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  1. Hi, i am replacing my S&S e carb with a Cv carb. I was trying to put the throttle cables on and they are about 1/2" too short. Do the 2 carbs take different cables. Or am i doing something wrong? Also, i drilled out the tamper proof plug for the idle mixture. How many turns out is a good place to start? Its a 2001 883. Thanks.
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    Not familiar with the E carb. But it maybe the tree that the cables go into on the CV that could cause them to be short. Maybe you could do some rerouting to make some length? Two turns out on the idle mixture screw is the "recommended" max. Too much and the screw gets loose and can fall out. Thats a bad day! If you need more than two turns than it is suggested that either you are very lean from modifications or intake leaks. Check for intake leaks first. If nothing found than rejet to the nest size slow jet and start over. Let us know what you come up with.
  3. Thanks for your input. I tried rerouting, i just can't get enough slack. I have the adjustment all the way tight, making as much cable stick out of the sheath as possible. The cable is just not long enough. The S&S was on it when i got it, so i have no idea what the cables on it belong to. I have spent too much time playing with the e carb, so i found a good deal on a cv setup. The bike is a bit of a mutt, 1988 frame, 2001 motor, carb and intake from a 1999.
  4. I think I am going to just try cutting some of the cable sheath off to make up the difference.
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    Have you made sure the throttle assembly on the handlebars is al the way down on the handlebars? I'm not sure cutting the sheath will help you as it will not make the cables any longer.
  6. I made sure the throttle was turned to the closed position. The adjuster is screwed in as far as it goes. The problem is that the distance between the cable bracket and the hole it goes into is further on the cv, than on the s&s. Cutting the sheath an inch should give me enough slack.

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    What I was thinking is that maybe the whole throttle grip assembly may not be as far down on the handlebar as it could be.
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    If memory serves, the cables for the E and CV are different. Not sure if cutting outer casing will work. Personally, I would get the correct cable. But that's just me.
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    SledDog is correct. On the S&S you could change the cable bracket for the CV cables. It was longer where the cables enter. On a set of S&S cables for a stock E carb. the stanchion for the cables was shorter for the S&S cables which have less throw.
  10. My idea worked. Cut off about an inch, works good now.