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Discussion in 'VRSC Models' started by israguard, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. israguard

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    I swear there is no better resource than this Forum. Everything you Folks recommend.. I go out and buy and serves me very well.

    After an hour or so my rear end is finished. I ordered a Corbin seat years ago for my bmw. Just wanted to get your opinion if Corbin are still the leaders in quality & comfort or any other / better recommendations ?

    Thanks again in advance.
  2. bwalsh22

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    You'll find plenty of opinions, from what I have read Corbin's issue is customer service more then quality. Lots of La Pera, Corbin and Mustang seat owners here, I for one, really like the Mustang. In my opinion, find the style of one of the 3 that you like and you will probably be happy.

    Also depends on what you are looking for in a seat, style or function, length of riding, etc. I have a Mustang Day Tripper, love the look of it. Typically I ride 40 miles back and forth to work on it and it does me well. Some days the butt goes numb, other days I am fine, I think it is more me then the seat, but it is a narrower, lower seat. Regardless still better than my stock seat from before. There are thick mustang's that provide more padding/gel, but I wanted the lower profile which I am quite pleased with the overall look and function.