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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ironmark, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. ironmark

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    I was thinking about having some custom paint work done to my 08 Road Glide & I would like a few tips on how I should go about it . The bike color is a candy red sunglo & I love the color so I want to keep it , what I would like to have done is to have some graphics put on the outer fairing . I was thinking about getting another outer fairing and having the work done so I can keep on riding this summer . From HD I can get a new outer fairing for

    primed $353
    painted $ 501

    I would think that the painted fairing would be the best to match my bike . Would they be able to do the graphics over the factory paint and clear coat or do I have to start out with a primed fairing ???
  2. jody7734

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    Better to go with with the primed fairing. For the paint to look really good, the painter would have to take down the paint and re-prime anyway. If they were to paint the graphics over the existing clear coat, it wouldn't look right and you would have durabilty issues. The less sanding the better on fiberglass, anyhow. A good paint man will be able to match the factory colors perfectly.
  3. Gezzer Glide

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    When I paint over factory paint I wash it to get all the dirt and wax off. Then I skuff it to get all the shine off. Put my graphics on and clear. Be sure you find a "motorcycle painter" to do your job and that he uses quality paint like House of Kolors or Alsa to name a few. Don't let just anyone paint your bike. You may pay alittle more but it will be well worth it...
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    As a painter, I would much prefer simply adding graphics to an already painted fairing.Especialy on a 3 stage project which "redhot sunglow" is.It would cost me more to buy the paint than the difference they are asking for the painted version vs. the primed.

    As stated above a good painter will sand your parts with 1000 grit or finer,add graphics and reclear.You'll end up saving a good bit of money by going with the painted version.
  5. 89 FXRS

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    My best friends own a custom paint shop where the majority of the work is on Harleys - and if you're not looking to change the original color of your bike then there is no need to replace anything - as long as the prep work is done correctly it can be done over the original factory paint, then cleared over - I've seen hundreds of flame jobs,art work,and graphics done this way.
  6. gusotto

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    Pick your new design carefully because when you sell or trade, some designs aren't a plus.

    Military designs such as a lot of Army related pictures isn't a plus for a Navy guy. Same with religious designs. Nice idea but a new rider may not want it and would pass on the purchase.
  7. RetNavyHD

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    Slow down there Tonto, he was just stating the obvious not sure it was directed at you!
  8. glider

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    Guys. let's cool it or the thread will be closed.
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    Thanks RetNavyHD.
    I'm an old Navy guy from the 60's.
    You were correct, I wasn't directing the comment toward anyone.
    It just happened that his prior posting to my comment had custom paint and thought I was focusing on his bike. NO WAY!
    I think he has a nice paint job and evidently intends to keep the bike.
    Just pointing out that one persons paint job might slow down a sale (unless the bike will be kept for a long time.)
    Re-doing a paint job is expensive.
    Everyone should do their own thing.
    Hope no offense was taken as it wasn't meant.
    Nice paint job!
  10. ironmark

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    I was not starting a tread to start friction , I am just asking for advice . I will choose the graphics carefully because I want the paint job to be something that I like . I do not have any tatoo's because I never found one that was what I wanted , but putting art on my body is different then putting art on my bike . That is also the reason for me getting another fairing for the graphic work , if I decide to sell the bike it will give the buyer a option and either way I should be able to sell the extra fairing . I would like to thank everyone for their advice .