Custom modification for passenger floorboard support. Will it work?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by BlackG30, Oct 13, 2010.

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    Hi, all,

    Still messing around with the passenger flooboards.
    In brief, I have a 2007 Heritage with OEM passenger flooboards. Want to extend them forward just 2-3 ". BUT ONLY forward. Kuryakyn solution is a bit ugly (one of them) or does not fit with my teardrop tools box. Got an adjustable HD floorboard kit that moves them forward BUT ALSO (and mandatory) upwards.
    So, no solution so far. A good friend suggested a potential solution: Cut the original support (that one curved down) to separate the curved stem from the base that holds the floorborad + weld it in the desired position. The attached IMAGE tries to explain it.

    And now, the answer? Do you think it will work? I am afraid about the loss of support especially when standing on the floorboards, i.e. when the passenger gets up to the bike and lies all his / her weight on the floorboards. Opinions …

    Thanks in advance

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    There will be quite a bit of twist force if a lot of weight is put on the front of the footboard. A really GOOD weld should hold. Will the board still clear the arm when folding up?
    Pretty nice diagrams you made.