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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by CG1884, May 22, 2014.

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    I have an '12 - FLHR with OEM cruise that is ultra sensitive. If I hit any bumps - which Ohio roads are primarily constructed of - it drops off. Even when a wind blast from a close 18 wheeler goes by has made it drop. Now, on the rare occassion, that a smooth surface is maintained it does what it should but a variance in that and its gone. Is there a way to "de-sensitize" the setting so I'm not doing the "rocking horse" speed control ? Otherwise this bike is perfect for my needs. Thanks.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Can't help you on Your Problem...

    Mine, 09 FLHR has a Similar problem BUT much Less sensitive than yours. Hitting a Big Bump like a Pot-Hole, it does the same thing as yours... Kicks out.

    Immediately resets when pressing the Resume Button...

    This shows that the bikes Must have some adjustment to the Kick-Out.

    Shock Produced on my 09 FLHR cruise NEEDS a BIG BUMP to kick out, and it does...

    Earlier on, I had a Hick-Up problem show up, and cruise would Kick-Out the same way as hitting a big bump. I cured that problem by replacing my Intake manifold with a 2012 using the newer IAC (?) motor thought to be the problem on my 09. Replaced it and ALL went back to normal operation... Hick-up and cruise Kick-Out gone...

    I ALSO had a broken wire under seat/gas tank area that caused similar problems but more Missing AND Kick-Out of the cruise control...

    That MIGHT be a good question to a HD Dealer Shop: "Is there an ADJUSTMENT fro the cruise control Kick-Out Sensitivity?

    Someone Here May Know ? but that is my take on the problem.

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    There is good info on the cruise control in the owners manual on what deactivates it.

    Maybe try a Cable Lash Initialization...can't hurt.
  4. RUSHMORE_14

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    May just be a connection inside the switch housing.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Check for too much play at your front brake lever, it could activate the brake switch and cut out the cruise
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    It's not one of those, 'riding the clutch kind of things', is it??? ....or the brake?? Just checking!!

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    For me,,,,NO...

    The clutch,brake is a BIG possibility though... Hitting a bump Hard Could hammer the hand levers easily...:shock

    NO,,, I'm not going to go hitting the last Bump up in Kingman that almost tossed me off the bike, :bigsmiley19:Just to Duplicate the Problem again. OUCH.....:bigsmiley5:

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    I am new to cruise control but I sure love it is easy on the arthritis
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    9 times out of 10 there is more to the story. Your problem is very typical of what happens AFTER grips have been changed or the brake lever removed for some reason and the little plastic button on the front brake light switch gets broken off. So, have you opened up the switch housing, changed grips or fiddled with the brake lever? Check to see if a very small movement of the front brake lever lights the brake light. If it does, the cruise is behaving as designed, either brake light switch makes it disengage. The next question is why is the brake light switch "out of rig"? The most frequent reason is the little plastic button missing, but there is also a little V shaped spring inside the switch housing and if it is gone, the switch gets pushed back inside the switch housing and again activates the brake light with little or no lever movement.

    For those who lose their cruise on bumps, the OWNERS MANUAL explains that among other reasons, an abrupt increase in engine rpm will also disengage the cruise. Having the rear wheel lose ground contact, especially when the engine is under load (climbing a hill or pushing against a strong headwind) would allow rpm to increase rapidly, even if only for a moment causing the cruise to disengage.
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    I am not positive but I believe you should be able to pull the last 10 codes giving you the reason the cruise shut off/cancelled.