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    I got the CribClicker and tryed to install today. I hooked one black wire from the transmiter to the white wire on the headlight, and the other black wire to the black wire on the headlight. This should work the garage door opener when the high beam is clicked on and off. The reciver is hooked up the the garage door opener motor. So, Does anyone eles use this item, and does it work, mine is not
    I followed the instructions and belive itis hook in right. Any help is welcome and thanks
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    If garage door motor is newer it probably has a learn mode. This function is use to program a new remote to door. I suspect that the component is properly installed on bike but you need to get door motor to recognize it. Dig out the owners manual for door and it should give instruction on how to program a new remote.
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    That sounds like good advice. If you don't have the door opener manual, many brands are available on line.
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    I have one as well and you need to program it to your garage door opener, only takes a second to do. Make sure you read the directions well on how to operate unit or it will not work properly trust me it took me about 15 minutes to figure that part out.
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    Thanks I will try this weekend