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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Slapp, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Slapp

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    Ok so here goes...I get home from a nice ride on Saturday after installing a Biketronics Retro Radio kit on my bike (easy to install and works great), park the bike in the driveway behind my wifes car. My 22 year old daughter gets in the car to move it so she can get her fiance's truck in the driveway to load some boxes and backs into my motorcycle sending it seventeen (17) feet down the driveway into the street.
    I get mad and upset and now everyone is mad at me, beacuse I was being insensative, after all they are saying it was an accident.
    My question here is, how do you miss an Electra Glide in the rear view mirror unless you didn't look?
    Can you believe this junk, 3 days before Biketoberfest and a reunion with my two older brothers who I havn't seen in ten years. The local dealer is dragging there feet on ordering the parts because they have to wait for the insurance adjuster, even after I told them get started even if I have to pay out of pocket I will.
  2. springer03

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    Was it hurt bad? Had a neighbor missed seeing his 7 year old son on abike in his drive way! Two broke legs and a couple of days in hospital and everyone is still saying it was an accident.. True story. I would also be mad and have everyone on the block mad at me also. good luck the daughter will come around next time she heeds 10.00 or so.:cheers
  3. RetiredJake

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    A real bummer, sorry to hear about it. However, once you sit in a car, a bike can be hard to see in the rearview mirror, depends a lot on what kind of a car it was. I can understand being mad, but hollering at her will not help, it's not like she did it on purpose. Get in the car and see for yourself whether or not the bike would be obvious in the mirror, remember that she is probably shorter than you. Then give her a hug, tell her you still love her, and get the bike fixed. Be glad no one was hurt.
  4. glider

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    An Electra Glide is kind of hard to miss even in the rear view mirror. I have a spare bed for you and I'm in your corner. At 22 she should know how to maneuver a car, if not give up the keys.
  5. Fourdogs

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    WoW.............i can't seem to think of anything else ..Man thats really has to be a blow... Will your insurance cover a rental?. I would be so upset...but hey..and i know ya heard it a million time..."Thank God no one was injured "..As mad as you are ..ya still love em. God Bless to ya man!
  6. gmurdock

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    First everyone is OK. The bike can be fixed. Like everyone else said get in the car & look for yourself. I was taught to look around a car before I get in it. Then before I back up I turn & look. Maybe a driving lesson is in order. It might be better from someone else at this time. Like others have said go give your daughter a hug & tell her just to be more careful next time. Mistakes happen by all of us. If you need to ride that much with your brothers rent a bike.
  7. softailhog

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    Sorry to hear about it but keep in mind, it's only a motorcycle. Just think of those poor parents who had their toddler run over in the driveway. It's happened around here more than THAT is a tragedy.
  8. Scrappy

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    yikkes i would flip out at first for sure, but then calm down and except what cant be changed. sorry to hear about that. good luck. dealer get you a loaner?
  9. B-1B_Guy

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    Glad you're ok. I would not be a happy camper either..... definately look into a loaner or a rental if you really want to go.
  10. Polarbear

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    Slapp, I understand your emotions running high at the time. I have to agree with most other posters and give your daughter a hug and an I love you and get a rental out of pocket if you have to.