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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by 98fat, Feb 1, 2010.

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    In an attempt to spend even more money on my bike :bigsmiley29: I have a dumb question. Can I rount the crankcase breather down to the frame with a simple filter instead of the carb? I am currently installing a Mikuni carb on my 98 Fatboy along with a Vance 2 into 1 big Radius. Keep in mind I am drinking alot of beer in the process so the filter could end up routed to a saddlebag. Suggestions, advice????

    Sorry I mean route, not drinking now by the way.
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    Does your vent line come out the back of the engine between the engine and tranny as a hose/pipe fitting?

    Shouldn't be a problem, but take the hose/tubing up first before dropping it down below the frame.

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    Well that would keep the leather in your saddlebags well lubed:)
    You can route the breather stright down, keep the hose short as possible with no kinks and few turns as possible, remember it your breather and the better it breaths the less chance of pulking oil. K&N makes small filter that will fit, and some companys sell a catch with a filter set uo you can use. I like mine hooked to the A/C and have no problems with it.
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    Yea, well mine pukes very little oil as long as I keep the oil near the fill mark, but since I am going to have it all off anyway, perhaps now is the time.