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    hey i have a 1984 fxrt. i cleaned the carbs changed fluids got it to start but it ran real bad. now it wont start. when i did start it, oil comes out of hose on bottom under frame. also where is the crankcase breather? or does anyone know what would cause oil to come out of the hose on the bottom. i have service manual but cant find anything that helps
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    On your bike, you have a bottom breather for the crankcase which is by the oil pump and the oil tank is mounted higher than the engine sump similar to the softail setup. From sitting off season the oil bypass valve in the pump section sometimes sticks and allows the oil in the tank to drain down into the engine sump. The result is oil puking out the breather hose on first start up, sportsters are notorious for this. I would figure out the starting problem first and then drain a bit of oil and replace the oil with some Marvel mystery oil or sea foam and give the bike a good run on the parkway. Possibly consider another oil change after a few hundred miles and a few high speed rides.
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    My 92 Heritage had one of those breathers right behind and below the trans.It would always leak at first start-up after sitting all winter.Of course I knew this but would still forget about it and not remember to put a pan under it till my concrete driveway had a nice puddle of oil on it.Idiot!!!