Crank Case Plugs

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    If U are talking the allen head plug in the bottom, that plug threads between the cases where they split. If you did anything wrong, what I understand U will be in a heap of trouble.
    I drained mine on my roadking once, I did get a extra qt. or so out of the motor. I talked to the service tech at the dealer. He said please do not ever do that again, and I would get some valve noise when I first startted the motor.
    Luckly nothing was damaged.
    You have a very good question, makes me wonder everytime I change my oil.

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    I can't tell you the exact reason. A friend of mine removed it to flush his crankcase on his '01 after he completely trashed his cam chain tensioners (he said it was Super tight). No ill effects to his bike. I have read of cracked case by trying to remove it.
    I'll not be removing mine.Changing Your Oil (drain plugs) - Archive - Harley Davidson Community

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    Agree with Breeze, I think it was Glider & Smitty who told us about the cracked case need to push a bad position! :shock
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    Those casting plugs would not completely drain the crank case either, too bad the MOCO did not design the cases like some of the aftermarket ones with a trapdoor, or a drain plug like some older XLCH cases had
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    When you drain your oil on a softail the oil is in a tank not in the engine,if you warm up the engine very little will be in the crankcase unless you have a sumping problem...
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    Cool info. By the way I DID NOT remove this little plug. I just know it's there and was wondering what it was for. I had read some of the posts on scavenging that last quart out, but I think I am with you guys. I do my onw service now so I figure with the money I save I can do it more frequently and still save money. I'm using Spectro 20/50 in the motor and Spectro 75/140 6 speed in the Trans and Primary. The HD shop says 5,000 on the synth, so I'm doing mine at 3,000. Can't imagine that will hurt anything. It seems like that 3,000 mile dirty quart is better to leave in than running it dry for a minute or two while everything gets lubed...
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    That hole is there because they had to get some type of tool in there. While machining the case.