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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by trask714, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. trask714

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    I have a nineties model 80 in. EVO. Thought I had an oil leak in the front Tappet block. I was wrong.
    The case between the front and rear tappet blocks has a 2 inch hair line crack. It appears to be in the oil journal that supplies the lifters.

    My question, is this an inherent problem for that model.

  2. Jack Klarich

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    H D had alot of problems with cases and leaks, some they took care of others they did not, Chopper would have the most correct answer here and probably a solution come on Chopper, Jack
  3. Chopper

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    Welcome to the forum trask714, I have never seen a case crack there, are you sure that is where the oil is coming from, you could use a little florescent dye in the engine oil, then check it with a black light if your unsure, harley did have some problems with cases in the early 90's but nothing like this that I know of, could of been a defect from the factory?
    Here's the oil system for the 07,
  4. shovelrider

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    We have seen this problem too often here in Australia.The problem occured
    on a few early nineties Evo's.The only way to fix this problem is to replace
    the cases.In 1994 the Motor Company had a design change to eliminate this
    problem.Hope this helps.
  5. Fossil

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    It would be very unusual to find a crack in the area you described. Harley went to a lot of trouble to make the EVO cases to have that sand cast look. From 1984 the big twin cases are die cast and quit strong. The very early 1980's did have some casting problems and some of the early cases were porous in places. Your 1997 should not have this problem. Not knowing how you ride or if you have had the cases split is some info we need. Fossil
  6. Ironhorsenathan

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    this is a very common problem fron1990-1992. for 5 years hd was replacing them. I have found the most cost effective replacement cases to be ultima. Their cases are way thicker where it counts and if you have been thinking of a bigger motor go 88" with 3 5/8 cylinders and stock flywheels. 2nd choice is S&S, more $ though. Won't use hd cases anymore too many pulled studd"s and they won't warrenty , even though it's nice to keep the orig #'s