Couple of quick questions...clutch adjustment, front wheel spin.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Rock Chalk, Mar 20, 2012.

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    I've added 10" Yaffe bars along with blacking out some pieces. Everything's back together, but this weekend on some test drives, I notices that the clutch will not engage when I have the bars turned to the far right or left. It seems its probably getting pulled on at the crash bar. The answer is to probably get a longer clutch cable (i used stock), but is there an adjustment that can be made to correct that rather than change?

    If i do that a complex endeavor?

    Other question is regarding the front wheel. How "free" should it spin on it's own. When i had it up on the jack and put it and the brakes back on, i noticed that it doesn't really spin freely? Should it? And did it not get something back on properly?

    thanks all,
    09 flhx
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    I just did the exact same project on my Ultra but I got an extended clutch cable from Yaffe. By the sound of it you should probably adding the length of a new cable would take care of your "right turn " problem. As far as changing the cable, you need to access the clutch cover. possibly having to remove the exhaust:wall, and my owners manual says to remove the exhaust, can be a tedious job. But if you are creative and patient, cut an allen key to a small length, put a wrench on the key, and go behing the exhaust. :guitar This method allows you to access the cover without remvoing the exhaust. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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    Make sure the cable is FREE to move as necessary as it is TOO short already and will require Movement to help out the below adjustment.

    You CAN put a Little slack in the clutch to handle adjustment to HELP..
    Not the best way but will probably be ENOUGH to help out.

    Note the clutch handle at the bar when Turned Right all the way,,,, THEN LOOSEN that cable adjustment to JUST be loose enough to show the SLIGHTEST Free Play..
    Now set bars into straight position and IF you don't have More than a 1/4 inch free play at the clutch handle to ferrule (distance of cable slack) and you are able to squeeze clutch to Dis-engage the clutch and shift when running, Good enough.:D

    Hope that was clear enough.
    The front wheel should rotate but spinning freely without drag is not usual. IF the bakes are new, IT will take a few runs to even out, then check the drag...

    The pistons push on the brake shoes and when Off, the brakes rely on just Loose enough to not stop the wheel with heavy drag... SO some spin is normal but LOOSE enough to keep spinning NO.

    Tight is OK IF easy to spin tire TOO Tight is Hard to spin tire.

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    i just added the p/y 10" bars to my '09 t/g and i needed a 4" over clutch cable. works great. hope this helps.
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    As far as the front wheel issue goes. Can you tell if the brakes are dragging? If so, if you take them apart and clean everything up including the caliper pistons. Lube the pins and reassemble. You should be good to go. If the brakes aren't dragging, it may be time to check the bearings.b